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Crushing $1/$2 and $2/$5 No-Limit Hold'em Cash Games Webinar On Saturday

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Today is the last day to watch a FREE cash game video and enroll in a live webinar, taking place Saturday, October 5th at 3 p.m EST.

Card Player recently partnered with 2-time World Poker Tour Champion Jonathan Little to teach a series of live poker training webinars and, as part of this partnership, Little is sharing a free cash game video with Card Player subscribers.

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This video is from a four-part video series where Little reviews hands he played online at $1-$2 no-limit hold’em cash games.

Little is giving away this four-part video series and other bonuses worth over $300 for FREE to everyone who enrolls in the advanced cash game class he will be teaching this Saturday at 3 p.m EST.

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Jonathan Little at the WSOPHere are the topics Little will be covering during his LIVE two-hour cash game training on Saturday October 5th:

  • The 3 Things You Must Consider When Playing Low Stakes Cash Games
  • General Cash Game Concepts – When to slow play, when to bluff, hand ranges, betting patterns, and betting sizes.
  • How to Crush Tight Passive Players
  • How to Crush Loose Passive Players
  • How to Crush Tight Aggressive Players
  • How to Crush Loose Aggressive Players
  • How to Crush Calling Stations
  • How to Crush Maniacs
  • Multi-way Pots
  • Your Image
  • Tells
  • Cash Game Tips to Help You Increase Your Win Rate in Cash Games

This will be a two-hour LIVE training event, and this is the ONLY time Little will be teaching it.

If you want to maximize your win rate in cash games, then this training will give you a solid game plan to follow.

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