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Furious Over Ruling, Daniel Negreanu Goes All-In Blind Out Of Protest During Poker Tournament

Hand Was Declared Dead Thanks To 'First Card Off The Deck' Rule


Poker pro Daniel Negreanu “just literally quit” a €10,000 buy-in poker tournament.

At the European Poker Tour stop in Barcelona today, Negreanu was involved in a dramatic debate over a controversial new rule recently adopted by the Tournament Directors Association.

Negreanu was in the small blind and posted it, but wasn’t in his seat when the dealer dealt the first card off of the top of the deck. Negreanu’s hand was instantly mucked. The floor came over and eventually determined that the dealer made the right decision based on the rules on the book. Negreanu was furious and continued to plead his case.

When it wasn’t overturned, he announced that he would go all-in blind the next hand.

The whole situation apparently stems from some discrepancy on where precisely the player must be when the first card is dealt. The rule states “at” his or her seat means “within reach.” According to reports, Negreanu was standing reasonably close behind it.

Negreanu did in fact shove blind the next hand and was eliminated.

The Tournament Directors Association made the “first card off the deck” rule official after the summer World Series of Poker. It’s unclear which tours will end up using it.

In response to Negreanu’s series of Tweets, some in the poker community voiced their support for his argument. One of them was fellow Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier.

The European Poker Tour is sponsored and part owned by PokerStars.

Despite the appearance that Negreanu was right, not everyone thought he handled it well.

Negreanu took to blogging about the incident afterward, elaborating on his position and the rule itself, while also admitting that he behaved poorly.

“I lose it a little bit and react in anger. I decide I just don’t want to be there anymore[…]Now, my reaction is silly and I realize this. I allowed myself to let anger consume me and cause me to make a silly decision. I can live with it, but I’m not at all claiming I handled the situation properly. The hand I had mucked was irrelevant to me, it was K-T off suit, it was just the point.”

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over 4 years ago

Don't worry about your bad behavior, just come and play in Cleveland so we can get in hands with you after you catch a bad beat.

I'm assuming they are tight on that rule to keep people from peeking at other hole cards when you're not in your seat; they should know a well-known player isn't going to do that, although a well known player might make a good example for them to show that they don't play favorites with the rules.

Sorry that happened.


over 4 years ago

What a whiny egotistical bitch he is. Regardless whether the rule is good or not he doesn't realize in life sometimes things don't go your way, and some things aren't fair, just deal with it. Instead he wants to throw a hissy fit like a toddler not getting his way. But instead of throwing toys he's burning 10k.

Deal with the speed bump in the road, and get over it. Makes it seem like he doesn't realize how fortunate he is.


over 4 years ago

tsk tsk Daniel Hellmuth


over 4 years ago

Daniel, why the fk is it so hard for you to remain in your seat while playing poker like the 99% of the rest of poker players? Oh, because your small-minded uneducated ego needs the constant stroking of a few degenerate fans requesting a photo or autograph.

Also, isn't the "First Card Rule" in response to cases of unseated players walking behind seated players on the way back to their seat and glimpsing at other players hole cards as the cards are dealt?

Perhaps there wouldn't have to be a "First Card Rule" if broke-wannabe-pro poker players weren't a slimy bunch of angle-shooting d-bags.


over 4 years ago

hmmm, remember the show one show both?? another misinterpretation of a rule. What, the you have to be in your seat before the last card is dealt rule was to hard to decipher? So now its the first card, because incompetent dealers can't inforce a rule if they don't understand it?
I enjoy the WTF attitude, I'm going all in next hand!! You see, that is colluson, but no one said anything about that. Bad call I say for the integrity of the game.

P.S. I'm glad they change the Constitution of The United States monthly, because we can't understand it!!!


over 4 years ago

The Golden Boy can do no wrong. He even gets publicity for being a poor sport, just like he did at the WSOP Australia when he kicked the table after a bad beat. Being a good poker player = $$. Getting publicity (good or bad) for everything you do = $$$$$$. Poker does all it can to promote bad behavior, which is why Hellmuth, Matisow and Negraneau, et. al. are so popular.


over 4 years ago

Kicking the table in Australia was an accident. He was reacting,and accidentally kicked the table. Negraneu is NO Hellmuth!


over 4 years ago

daniel laughs, talks, laughs and his own jokes too much. he acts like a giddy girl at the table. i like him when he's being serious like when he ranted at lederer, i know he has the anger side to his personality, he just needs to use it constructively and not do butthurt things like he did here.


over 4 years ago

*laughs at


almost 3 years ago

It is his money to burn - I don't see the problem here. Collusion? Are you serious? Thats the dumbest thing I've heard in a while.