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World Series Of Poker $50K Table Banter: Greg Mueller Says That John Hennigan Is 'Most Intimidating Player In Poker'

Philadelphia Native Considered By One Of His Peers To Be Number One


The $50,000 Players Championship at the World Series of Poker brings out the game’s best players, and sometimes even features discussions on where they rank on some unofficial list.

The unofficial “best all-around player” title seems to still belong to Phil Ivey, but there’s a related distinction that was the topic of conversation at one table on Monday.

Poker pro Greg Mueller was making the case that two-time bracelet winner John Hennigan, also known as “Johnny World,” is the “most intimidating player in poker.”

Factors that go into such a title, according to Mueller, include skill level of course, but also how quickly the player thinks and acts on his or her hand, the intensity, frequency and timing of the stare down, as well as the reading ability to make hero calls and absurd folds.

Hennigan, Mueller said, is number one.

“It’s just weird, I have played with a lot of the best players, and it goes without saying that he is one of the better players, but for some reason he’s the one who gives me fits,” Mueller told Card Player. “I have played a lot of cash games and tournaments with him, and while there may be better players out there, he is the one player who I don’t want at my table.”

When Mueller was discussing the point with his table mates, Ali Eslami joked that it was also due to Hennigan having a huge cranium, making it look like his brain is bigger than everyone’s.

Hennigan, hailing from Philadelphia, has won $3,682,028 in tournaments during his career.



almost 8 years ago

Ask about his 9-ball game...


almost 8 years ago

Hennigan is the real deal. He didn't sign with any of the poker sites when I'm sure they all would have loved to have him on their team. I've always had a lot of respect for the guy.he doesn't big shot it. I spoke to him twice and he was just a nice guy.