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Peter Jetten: 'If I Won $10 Million In A Poker Tournament I Would Try To Run It Up To $100 Million'

High-Stakes Poker Pro Geared Up For A Summer Of Action At WSOP


The World Series of Poker is underway in Las Vegas, and one of the game’s best cash game players is already starting to prepare for a long summer of high-stakes action both in the side games and on the green tournament felt at the Rio Hotel and Casino.

Peter Jetten, known as “Apathy” in the online world, has his eyes set on winning a bracelet this year, an accomplishment which has alluded him so far during his career. Jetten came close to a piece of poker hardware in 2008, finishing second in the $10,000 PLO championship for more than $500,000. He has also made two deep runs in the main event.

When asked if he had any bracelet bets this year, Jetten said: “The action in the tournaments is enough for me. I’m betting on myself to win a bracelet by entering and fighting for one the old fashioned way!”

The 28-year-old is one of poker’s most fearless gamblers, almost completely unfazed by the idea of the prize money and what its value is outside of becoming an addition to his bankroll. Of course Jetten wants to win, but the cash would just be more ammunition.

“All poker players imagine what it would be like if they won the main event,” Jetten said. “If I won $10 million in a tournament I would try to run it up to $100 million.” His Twitter bio puts it another way: “I play poker and travel around the world in an attempt to get super paid.”

Poker may be a game of skill, one in which he is very good at, but Jetten is a gambler in the truest sense of the word. A lover of prop bets at the table, he once put serious money on whether there were two 2Club Suit in a deck — at a casino no less.

The absurd bet generated a ton of action for Jetten. He got takers at 5:1 and then some more at 10:1 when he thought he deserved a better price. He was pretty sure the deck was faulty.

“I explained why I thought there was two but the rest of the people wanted to see a bet go down in order to not slow the game down by checking the deck when I was probably just wrong about it; fair enough” he said. He ended up being wrong.

“I must have seen the 2Spade Suit in my hand and not peeled the card enough before folding it.”

His rise to poker notoriety began with a win of $75 in an online free roll nearly a decade ago. After his second year of college at Western Ontario in London, “living in a dorm room in a bunk bed” as he describes it, Jetten had a $100,000 bankroll. He has never looked back.

This summer, Jetten will be staying in a house with a bunch of his poker friends. He even has created “team t-shirts” for his circle of grinders. The attire will read, “Summer of Science.” Other players who can be expected to be sporting the quirky shirt this year are Dani Stern, Dan Smith, Max Greenwood, Steve O’Dwyer and Mike Watson, Jetten said.

While he may be one of the more easy going and fun-loving players around the circuit, Jetten is serious about buckling down this Series and trying to win.

“After playing about 90 WSOP events with only close calls, to finally get a bracelet this year would be a huge thrill,” he said. “But I know how hard they are to win in big-bet games.”



over 8 years ago

He's a wicked poker player but that 2c prop bet was not too smart. "It must have been the 2s"....LOL.