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The WPT North American Poker Championship Day 3

Five Canadian-Born Players and John Juanda Advance To Canada's First WPT Televised Final Table

The battle for a seat at Canada's first-ever World Poker Tour televised final table continued with day three of the North American Poker Championship. For the field of 45 who returned to the Fallsview Casino Hotel's Grand Hall, the goal for the NAPC's third stage was simple - play until the final six.

Day three action began at 12:10 p.m. ET with $3,000-$6,000 blinds and $500 antes. Sixteen minutes later, Stephen Ladowsky made WPT history by becoming the first player to ever cash in a $10,000 World Poker Tour event on Canadian soil. Not exactly the game's greatest achievement, but worth $19,317 nonetheless.

While Ladowsky's post-money bubble elimination came with the slight consolation of distinction, one would be hard pressed to put a positive spin on "Yukon" Brad Booth's bustout in early action.

After serving as an overwhelming fan favorite for the local crowds, Booth started day three by losing nearly half of his stack to a John Lam full house. The Canadian-born pro then made an unexpected 38th place ($19,317) exit from the NAPC, when, after moving all in preflop, his Kspade Jdiamond failed to improve against Mark Newhouse's Aspade Kdiamond.

A rapid succession of eliminations led to a redraw that displayed the pro players', and in particular Team Full Tilt's, dominance at the NAPC. Table 26 featured three-time WSOP bracelet winner Farzad Bonyadi (Full Tilt), four-time WSOP bracelet winner Allen Cunningham (Full Tilt), multiple WPT final table finisher John D'Agostino (Full Tilt), and 2006 Bay 101 Shooting Stars champion Nam Le.

The four stars survived to the next table redraw, at which point another pro, Ultimate Bet's James "KrazyKanuck" Worth, made Cunningham the day's second high-profile elimination.

Eleven spots later, Melissa Hayden became the last female player to exit the North American Poker Championship (and the only one to cash), when her all-in move with A-10 collided with Marc Karam's A-K. Hayden finished the NAPC in 21st place ($48,293).

The ensuing eliminations of Farzad Bonyadi (20th - $48,293) and Kyle Bowker (19th - $48,293) brought the field to 18 and tournament officials redrew for the final two tables. Jason Sagle quickly found success at his new seat. The day one chip boss enjoyed a run of cards that saw him double up with pocket aces, crack Isaac Baron's pocket queens with A-K (eliminating Isaac in 18th - $62,781), and take a huge pot off John D'Agostino with another pair of pocket aces. The win pushed Sable over the $1.6 million mark.

Sable followed up the victory over D'Agostino by eliminating 2006 Borgata Poker Open first place finisher Mark Newhouse (17th - $62,781).

After doubling up through Steven Black when his pocket nines cracked Black's pocket aces, Nam Le's 2006 NAPC run ended in a heads-up hand against D'Agostino. Le called an all-in raise by D'Agostino and took a big lead over the Full Tilt pro when he showed the Adiamond Kclub to D'Agostino's AspadeQspade. But the Kdiamond Jdiamond 10heart flop gave D'Agostino the Broadway straight, and Le finished in 12th place ($62,781).

At 11:34 p.m., ET Soren Turkewitsch eliminated Peter Valente via a flopped two pair with the Adiamond Qheart against Valente's pocket jacks and the North American Poker Championship consolidated to one table.

The chip counts were as follows:

1. Jason Sagle - $1,900,000 (seat No. 6)
1. Marc Karam - $1,900,000 (seat No. 4)
2. John Lam - $1,580,000 (seat No. 7)
3. Soren Turkewitsch - $1,200,000 (seat No. 8)
4. James "KrazyKanuck" Worth - $740,000 (seat No. 3)
5. Steve Black - $640,000 (seat No. 5)
6. John D'Agostino - $610,000 (seat No. 9)
7. Eric Cajelais - $530,000 (seat No. 2)
8. Adam Donkle - $440,000 (seat No. 1)
9. John Juanda - $400,000 (seat No. 10)

With action sequestered to an isolated corner of the room, and fans packed along the rail, seven Canadian-born players and three Americans took their seats at the NAPC's final table.

The first big hand occurred when John Juanda reraised all in on a Marc Karam $270,000 raise. Juanda warned his opponent not to call, but Karam tossed in the extra $76,000. Karam immediately turned over the Kclub Kdiamond, only to have Juanda show the Adiamond Aspade. The aces held, and Juanda doubled up to over $700,000.

Over an hour into play, Eric Cajelais became the first participant to exit the NAPC's final table when he moved all in with Adiamond Kheart and John Lam, holding 9club 9diamond, called. The Jclub 6diamond 3diamond 3spade 2heart board offered Calejais no help, making him the 10th-place finisher ($62,781).

Pocket nines turned up again in the final table's second elimination. After a $72,000 preflop bet by John D'Agostino, which was called by James Worth and Marc Karam, Steve Black made an all-in raise for his last $339,000. D'Agostino repopped for his remaining $475,000. With Worth and Karam out of the way, Black flipped over 9club 9diamond, and D'Agostino showed Aheart Kheart. D'Agostino, looking defeated, stood when the board brought the 7diamond 6club 2club 2spade. Before the river, John Juanda turned to his Full Tilt counterpart and said "Don't worry, it's coming, John." The Aclub river fulfilled the Juanda prophecy and Black exited tournament play as the ninth-place finisher ($77,269).

Less than 10 minutes later, D'Agostino followed Black to the rail after pushing all in on the Jspade 8club 2club flop with Kclub Qclub. Jason Sagle, holding KspadeKheart, called. D'Agostino missed his draws with the 4diamond turn and Jdiamond river, and his tournament run ended with an eighth-place finish ($96,587).

The final elimination of the day, and the hand that burst the WPT television bubble, featured…pocket nines. Down to his last $400,000, Adam Dunkle pushed all in from the button, and, after several minutes in the tank, James Worth made the call. His 9club 9diamond gave him the lead over Dunkle's 5club 5diamond. The Jspade 10diamond 8diamond 4spade 3diamond board brought Dunkle no miracles, and his seventh-place finish ($120,733) put a close to day three of the North American Poker Championship.

Five Canadian-born players advanced to the NAPC's last day, with poker superstar John Juanda being the only non-native participant.

The chip counts going into the final table were:

1. Jason Sagle - $2,970,000
2. John Lam - $2,285,000
3. Soren Turkewitsch - $1,690,000
4. James "KrazyKanuck" Worth - $1,305,000
5. Marc Karam - $1,290,000
6. John Juanda - $425,000

Players return at 5 p.m. ET for the World Poker Tour televised final table, and to battle for the $1.3 million first place cash prize.

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Quote of the Day
: "It's only $76,000 more, but you need a lot of help" - John Juanda during his aces-versus-kings hand with Marc Karam.