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BetVictor Offers World Series of Poker Buy in Back

Players Who Qualify For The WSOP At BetVictor Poker And Don’t Cash Will Get Their Buy In Back


All eyes are turning to the biggest poker event in the world, the World Series of Poker, and as players begin to look for ways to get to the Las Vegas mecca for June and July’s tournaments BetVictor Poker is launching an unprecedented promotion – Risk Free World Series of Poker.

The Risk Free WSOP sees players who qualify at the site walk away with the ultimate insurance – if they don’t cash in their event BetVictor will refund their buy in.

The BetVictor Risk Free WSOP prize package is worth €3,000. Players can qualify from just €2.20 and can win as many packages as they wish. Players who win more than one package will have an additional $1,300 credited to them in lieu of the hotel accommodation.

Players can buy-in to a $1,000, $1,111 or $1,500 WSOP bracelet event and will also get seven nights accommodation in The Palazzo in Las Vegas, expenses of $1,500 for a $1,000 event, $1,389 for a $1,111 event or $1,000 if they play a $1,500 event

There are four qualification paths leading to the WSOP Weekly Final to be held each Sunday at 18:00 GMT on BetVictor Poker:

Level 1 with buy in of €2 + €0.20 (alternating every hour -freezeout, turbo, rebuy superturbo, wins ticket to Level 2)
Level 2 with buy in of €10 + €1 (alternating every 2-4 hours – freezeout, turbo, rebuy, superturbo, wins ticket to daily final)
Level 3 with a buy in of €75 + 5 (every day at 18:30 GMT except Sunday at 13:30 GMT – freezeout, turbo, discount rebuy, wins ticket to weekly final)
Level 4 with a direct buy in of €500 + €25 each Sunday at 18:00 GMT (wins €3,000 WSOP package)

Head of poker at BetVictor, Andy Horne, said, “We believe this might just be the greatest World Series of Poker promotion in the history of poker.

“Why would a player want to qualify anywhere else except BetVictor when their WSOP adventure will be risk free. So get qualifying now for the greatest poker show on earth safe in the knowledge that Victor will look after you whether you win or lose in Las Vegas!”