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First Major Poker Tournament In North Carolina Sells Out

World Series of Poker Circuit Event Proves To Be Overwhelmingly Popular


A Sea of Players For NC's First Major TournamentOver 600 players have entered the first ever major live poker tournament in North Carolina, being held at the Harrah’s Cherokee casino.

The $365 World Series of Poker Circuit preliminary event completely sold out, taking on close to 200 alternates to accommodate player demand.

Harrah’s Cherokee is the only licensed casino in North Carolina to spread poker. The casino, which previously only offered electronic poker tables, was able to switch to live, dealer-based table games in June of 2012 after a gambling bill was signed into law by Gov. Beverly Perdue.

The state estimated that table games expansion would bring in an extra $2-$3 million annually for the North Carolina public school system, as well as create an additional 400 jobs.

Poker in North Carolina has made headlines for all of the wrong reasons in the last few years, with police raiding numerous home games and bar leagues spreading the game.

Harrah’s Cherokee casino opened in 1997 and is located 60 miles from Asheville in the western part of the state.

For more news from North Carolina, check out its state landing page.

*Image courtesy of the WSOP



over 8 years ago

It just goes to show how big poker is. Poker may not be on tv as much since Black Friday but it should show some of the big companies out there how much potential poker still has.


over 8 years ago

A friend of mine played and said the final count was 872 players! Well over 300K in the pool. Poker is huge, and here in NC we need a casino built in the east!


over 8 years ago

Good Luck with that. The TeaBaggers that now control the state will more than likely shut the casino down and turn it into a state church for their official state religion.


over 8 years ago

The casino is on an indian reservation. The state won't be able to shut it down for that.