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Wireless Texas Hold'em Poker Coming to Casinos

Harrah's Brand Moves With the Future


Progressive Gaming International Corporation (PGIC) is set to help casinos make more money than ever before with the introduction of a new way to play Texas hold'em poker. Using the World Series of Poker "Peer to Peer" Texas hold'em game, players will be able to play poker on wired or wireless devices away from the traditional poker table.

Players will play poker on a secure intranet server managed from within casinos that have the legal jurisdiction to offer this type of service. This unique service will allow players to play poker in restaurants, clubs, and possibly even their rooms. This futuristic solution not only benefits players by giving them greater access to the tables, but also helps casinos make use of unused gaming space.

According to Harrah's senior vice president of gaming Ken Weil, this product is a perfect fit for casinos around the globe.

"We are please to partner again with PGIC in leveraging the most powerful brand in poker worldwide, the World Series of Poker. Many regulated operators do not have poker rooms. The World Series of Poker "Peer to Peer" Texas hold'em gaming system provides operators with the ability to offer their patrons the opportunity to participate in exciting Texas hold'em poker game competitions that capture the excitement of an authentic WSOP experience," he said in a recent press release.

PGIC President and CEO Russ McMeeking sees a profitable future ahead for his company.

"We believe that the 'Peer to Peer' system, both the wired and/or wireless versions, has a potential global marketplace of over 5,000 legalized gaming venues. We are delighted and honored to partner on this very exciting global initiative, which is intended to leverage our extensive acquisition and development investments in secure thin-client wired and wireless server-based technology.

PGIC will showcase its new product in the upcoming global gaming show taking place in November in Las Vegas.



almost 15 years ago

what the fuc is this world coming too????????


almost 15 years ago

interesting... but if i am at a casino i dont want to play internet poker


almost 15 years ago

Somehow I'm starting to see the biggger picture now. Harrahs sponsoring Bill Frist to have online poker baned and now they come out with their own online gambling software...