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Day 1B -- Card Player Poker Tour Wynn Championship Event

James McCarrel Leads Going Into Day 2


James McCarrelWith day 1B of the 2013 Card Player Poker Tour Wynn Las Vegas Championship in the books the official numbers are in. A total of 121 players took their seats today and when chips were bagged for the evening only 49 remained. Those 49 will return Tuesday at noon along with the 29 players who made it through day 1A and the race toward the money and the final table will begin.

When the tournament clock stopped James McCarrel had bagged the biggest stack of chips with 203,200 and will come back Tuesday as the overall chip leader.

“Steady chipped up and up most of the day but won a huge pot at my last table,” McCarrel said. “A guy raised under the gun with pocket kings, another guy flatted with fours and I flatted on the button with tens. The flop was Queen, ten, four, so I had set over set. It was a three-way all-in and about 150k in the pot.”

The top five chip counts from today belonged to McCarrel, Joe Serock with 177,800, Brad Booth with 176,000, Hein Nguyen with 160,000 and Ray Dehkharghani with 143,200.

A grand total of 207 entrants tipped the total prize pool just over the $1 million mark. The final 23 players will walk away with a portion of the $1,003,950 prize pool with $235,928 going to the eventual winner. Those who last through the money bubble will leave with no less than $12,047.

“We’re really happy to improve on the turnout year over year,” said Director of Poker Operations at Wynn Las Vegas Joe Vigurs, “We are excited to have built the prize pool to over a million dollars.”

As was expected, the field was not only larger for day 1B but also saw some of the best known names in poker today enter for a shot at the title of champion. Eli Elezra, David Williams, Scotty Nguyen, Nick Schulman, Chino Rheem, Eric Baldwin, Phil Collins and Olivier Busquet to name a few. Schulman, Nguyen, Baldwin, Collins and Busquet advanced to Day 2.

Jennifer Harman and Christina Lindley were the only two ladies among the entrants but with Harman’s post-dinner break elimination Lindley will be lone woman to return for Day 2.

Also still alive are former Wynn Classic champions Keith Ferrera and Tim West.

Here’s a look at the chip counts heading into day 2:

Player Name Chip Count
James McCarrel 203,200
Mars Callahan 198,700
Tom Marchese 182,600
Joe Serock 177,800
Brad Booth 176,000
Sam Stein 173,200
Andy Philachack 165,000
Olivier Busquet 163,600
Hien Nguyen 160,000
Ray Dehkharghani 143,200
William Schonsheck 133,200
David Nicholson 121,800
Randy Dorfman 120,000
Antonio Lafosse 117,800
Daniel Sindelar 116,000
Gary Sewell 115,700
Duey Doung 115,000
Eric Lozano 114,200
Mark Edwards 109,100
Mike Hack 106,700
Erick Lindgren 104,500
Marios Savvides 103,900
Kevin Calenzo 102,700
Christina Lindley 98,800
Trevor Pope 95,000
Gary Friedlander 94,200
Kirill Kruglov 92,200
WeiKai Chang 91,400
Georgui Martov 90,200
Soon Hwang 88,000
Steve Brecher 86,200
Tom Chae 82,700
Ray Qartomy 81,700
Roy Thung 81,000
Keith Ferrera 78,900
Steve Gross 78,600
Cary Katz 76,500
Jeff Frerichs 76,200
Dana Kellstrom 75,400
Evgeni Tourevski 74,500
Johnny Sova 71,800
Louis Crispino 69,300
Kane Lai 67,100
Frank Rusnak 64,500
Sorel Mizzi 64,300
KC Carlston 62,300
Garret Greer 61,000
Amnon Filippi 60,000
Brent Hanks 59,400
Raymond Saide 57,800
Loren Klein 55,700
Kaied Barkho 53,500
Barry Woods 51,900
Robert Kushner 50,000
Eric Baldwin 47,800
Andrew Pierz 47,500
Nick Schulman 45,000
Scotty Nguyen 44,600
Eric Hershler 42,900
Ben Palmer 41,900
Jimmy Tran 41,000
Michael Sinclair 40,000
Kenna James 36,600
Bruce Kramer 35,400
Michael Schwartz 33,700
Andrew Watson 32,500
Avinash Kataria 32,300
Ira Friedman 31,700
Ardavan Yazdi 28,700
Tony Gargano 28,400
Brock Parker 27,400
A.P. Phahurat 25,800
David Sands 24,900
Phil Collins 18,900
Tim West 18,800
Larry Wright 16,800
David Levi 15,600
Ray Davis 11,700