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High-Stakes Poker Player Bob Voulgaris Described As 'World's Top NBA Gambler'

Gambler Reportedly Gets 57 Percent Of His Picks Correct


ESPN The Magazine recently did a piece on high-stakes poker player and professional sports bettor Bob Voulgaris, who was described as “the world’s top NBA gambler.”

Voulgaris, from Canada, has managed to become one of the most sophisticated sports bettors around, and has actually done work with a NBA franchise thanks to his expertise.

The high-stakes gambler recently caught the eye of political and statistical guru Nate Silver, who penned a book that featured some information on Voulgaris’ success.

Silver told Deadspin that Voulgaris is “maybe the best sports bettor in the world.”

“[He’s] super sharp; works his butt off. He gets 57 percent of his NBA bets right.”

When he has taken a break from watching NBA games and crunching numbers, Voulgaris has found the time and skill set to cash for nearly $2 million lifetime in poker tournaments.

For the full look at Voulgaris’ sports-betting life, check out the ESPN piece.



over 7 years ago

He is indeed an astute 'capper. A shame he's such an obnoxious MFer.


2 years ago

I read the ESPN piece. Total lie. Anybody with minimal understanding of math combined with watching a few MBA games can figure out the 2nd half has more points than the first half. If it were true that the 2nd half were processed as half of the expected total of the game, Vegas and every sport book would go broke in less than a month.