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Poker Pro Jonathan Aguiar Talks and Daily Fantasy Sports

Aguiar Gives New Players Some Strategy Tips For Upcoming DraftKings NFL Main Event


Jonathan AguiarJonathan Aguiar is having the best year of his career. The 29-year-old got things started with a third-place finish in a $1,500 pot-limit hold’em event at this summer’s WSOP for $76,189 and then followed up that performance by winning his first bracelet at the WSOP Europe €10,000 mixed-max event for $332,855.

Most recently, the Fall River, Massachusetts native narrowly missed his first WPT final table, finishing seventh in the $10,000 Five Diamond World Poker Classic main event at Bellagio and earning $143,933.

Card Player caught up with Aguiar to discuss one of his newest hobbies, playing daily fantasy sports on

Card Player: How did you get started playing on

Jonathan Aguiar: I got into it last summer, playing a ton of fantasy baseball. DraftKings had some overlays and allowed me to put in a ton of volume. I wound up winning almost $20,000 over the last two months of the season, which got me hooked.

CP: Why do you prefer competing in daily fantasy sports instead of the more traditional season-long leagues?

JA: The great thing about daily fantasy sports is that I don’t have to be locked into a long-term commitment. If I want to play, I can draft a team and sweat the games all night. If I have something else to do, such as play in a poker tournament, then I can easily take a break without worrying about setting my lineups or checking things like injuries or the weather.

CP: Why do other poker players seem to be so caught up in daily fantasy sports these days?

JA: I think there is a lot of overlap between the poker community and those who would enjoy playing on DraftKings. There are some similar skill sets needed for both, such as bankroll management, but one of the best things about daily fantasy sports is that once the work is done, you can just sit back and enjoy the games. A night of sports becomes that much more enjoyable when there is something on the line and you have individual players to sweat. You can’t sit back and enjoy poker like that… not if you want to win.

CP: What are you looking for when drafting your team?

JA: There’s definitely a strategy involved with drafting the perfect team. The biggest consideration is how many players you will be up against. If you are playing against a small field, lets say in a heads-up, double up, sit-n-go tournament or satellite, you want to have a team that is as balanced as possible. You want good value from all of your players.

But let’s say you are looking to win the Week 16 NFL $250,000 guaranteed main event. In that tournament, you’re probably going to be up against 1,400 players, assuming there’s no overlay. You’re going to want to draft players with maximum variance, players who are all upside guys. Maybe you’ll want to tie together a quarterback and a wide receiver from the same team. That way, if the team goes off for a bunch of points, you’ll clean up. It’s a high risk, but high reward strategy that will separate your team from the rest of the pack one way or the other.

CP: Can you talk about your experience with depositing and withdrawing your winnings?

JA: Getting money on and off the site is incredibly easy, something we aren’t used to in the poker world. You can use your credit card or even pay pal. There’s no hassle and it’s completely risk free.

If you haven’t played on the site yet, this is the best time to deposit and get started. You’re going to want to have enough time to win your seat into the main event, which will pay out $100,000 to first place. I know that satellites start at just $1, so be sure to give yourself some time to get in for cheap.

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