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Brandon Cantu Defeats Jon Aguiar In Rematch, Says 'Crying And Complaining Really Does Work In Poker'

Poker Pro Gets Solace After Being 'Robbed' Of WSOP Bracelet


Phil Hellmuth isn’t the only person in poker who can turn tears into cash.

In late September, Brandon Cantu and Jonathan Aguiar, two well-established poker pros, were squaring off for a World Series of Poker Europe bracelet after a grueling stretch of play. The match was still in progress when the casino had to close for the night.

A decision — controversial in the eyes of Cantu who said he “begged” the WSOP staff not to make it — was called to postpone play indefinitely to let Aguiar, as well as Cantu, play the main event of the Series, which was scheduled to begin soon.

Play resumed two days later after both had been eliminated from the main event. Cantu held a slight lead to start, but Aguiar snagged the chip advantage and then won a race with the AClub Suit KClub Suit against Cantu’s pocket deuces. It was Aguiar’s first bracelet.

Cantu, a two-time bracelet winner, Tweeted that he was “robbed” and claimed that Aguiar had an unfair chance to “rest up and study up with all of his Internet nerd friends.”

The 31-year-old continued in his more than three-dozen-Tweet rant:

“I just can’t deal with this loss. I mean it took an act of GOD for me to lose this match. I must have done something wrong for this to happen.”

“God I was f**ked, that bracelet should have an asterisk next to it.”

Aguiar gave into Cantu’s public complaints, as plans to play a rematch for the difference between first and second-place money eventually came to a reality Wednesday night, not in France where the original was held, but at Aria casino in Las Vegas. The two pros agreed to each buy in for $130,000 in a winner-take-all sit-and-go contest.

The match drew some criticism from the poker community. Mike Matusow Tweeted:

Even Aguiar was Tweeting some needles about it:

He added that Cantu refused to play unless he stopped wearing his headphones. However, a compromise was eventually brokered, Aguiar said.

Cantu went on to win the freezeout when his pocket sixes held against Aguiar’s pocket fives, after all the chips went in preflop. The bracelet was not on the line.

Afterwards, Cantu Tweeted:

The melodrama was over, at least for now, as Cantu feels better. One of his last Tweets on the evening was: “I feel so much better. I’m going to sleep great tonight.”

Aguiar said on the TwoPlusTwo poker forums that he had $18,000 of his own money invested in the match. Cantu said in early October that he wouldn’t sell any of his action.

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over 9 years ago

I just love this.

we all know that Aguiar just likes to mouth and complain a lot himself. I think this entire news is jilarious and funny and salut to Cantu for kinda pulling a stunt on Aguiar here. :)


over 9 years ago

good for cantu..aguiar seems like a whiny ,cocky, arrogant, baby...annoys me when i see or hear from him...shut up jonathan!!!!!!!!!!!


over 9 years ago

Agiuar won the WSOP Bracelet as for Cantu the guy needs to stop being a whiney cry baby it may work for his kid but he's suppose to be an adult so grow another pair the pokerworld isn't going to give you the time of day forever they are getting tired of you everyday.
Don't play with money that needs to go to family expenses.