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World Series of Poker Main Event -- Steven Gee Eliminated In Ninth Place

Gee Earns $754,798 After His Bluff Gets Picked Off By Russell Thomas


It took 30 hands and over two hours of play, but the first casualty of the 2012 World Series of Poker main event final table was Steven Gee.

During his time at the final table, Gee played only five, winning his first three with a preflop raise. He had more or less held his ground with the 16,860,000 he started the day with until his final hand of the night against Russell Thomas.

With blinds at 200,000-400,000 with a 50,000 ante, Gee raised from under the gun to 900,000 and was called by Greg Merson behind him and Russell Thomas on the button.

The flop fell 7Club Suit 5Diamond Suit 4Heart Suit and Gee continued for 1.6 million. Merson folded and Thomas called. The turn was the JClub Suit and Gee bet 3.25 million.

Thomas called once again and the 3Spade Suit hit the river. Gee thought it over for about a minute before moving all in for his last 11.35 million. Thomas went into the tank for over five minutes before finding a call, turning over QDiamond Suit QClub Suit.

Gee stood up from the table, only able to produce 8Club Suit 8Diamond Suit and was eliminated by Thomas, who only had him covered by about 3.5 million.

The hand was enough to catapult Thomas, one of the more active players to start the day, into second place overall behind Jesse Sylvia.

You have to credit Gee’s willingness to put it all on the line with a bluff, despite the fact that both Jeremy Ausmus and Michael Esposito were short stacked.

Gee, a bracelet winner from Sacremento, California, earned $754,798 for his ninth place finish.