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David Vamplew On PokerStars' Full Tilt Takeover

Scot Gives His Opinion On Major Online Poker Site Acquisition


In asking poker players their feelings on the PokerStars/Full Tilt takeover, most were itching to give their stance on what was going on.

Players from across the world had a lot of interesting things to say in regards to questions such as whether or not they think the takeover is good for poker, what it could mean, what it will be like when both are up and running, how will the site rebrand itself, and how likely is it to be a success?

Here’s what Scottish pro David Vamplew said:

“In the short term I think the deal is definitely good for poker and for the players. Having another top poker room operating and all the players being paid back is obviously a positive thing. I just hope that there are no major negative effects from what is likely to be more or less a PokerStars monopoly.

“I expect that the sites will offer the two best online poker rooms and some of the other rooms may find it difficult competing.

“Full Tilt had a strong brand before and I would not expect the new management to stray too far from that. I think that their strategy will be more focused and likely cost a lot less. Full Tilt previously had a seemingly endless marketing budget, sponsoring several TV shows and a lot of pro players. Now I think that will be more carefully managed, especially since competing against PokerStars for business is no longer a priority.

“I think that the new FTP will be immediately profitable, I expect a lot of the old players to return. However, there are a lot of costs to recoup from the sale and relaunch and whether PokerStars consider it a success may rest on if this deal helps them do future business in the USA.”