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Danny Ryan On PokerStars' Full Tilt Takeover

Poker Pros Give Opinions On PokerStars' Acquisition Of Full Tilt


Danny Ryan is next up to voice his opinion on the PokerStars acquisition of Full Tilt.

He, alongside many other pros across the poker world, was asked various questions on the topic, such as how he felt about the takeover, what it could mean, is it good for poker, what will it be like when both are up and running, how will Full Tilt rebrand itself, and how likely is it to be a success?

This is what Ryan had to say…

I think the PokerStars and Full Tilt deal will ultimately be good for poker and the players, as well as PokerStars. Although there will likely be both good and bad results of merging the two companies, I think the good that it will do for the community will far outweigh the bad.

The game selection available online should increase with the new launch of the PokerStars owned FTP because there will be more to choose from with another large site operating again, and also because the 700 or so million dollars worth of player refunds being returned should help increase the cash game action and tournament prize pools I’d assume.

I think it will be cool when both sites are up and running because you’ll be able to hand pick the exact types of tournaments or cash games that you want to play from out of a bigger pool of options. More selection will be nice for the players.

I think the new launch of FTP under Stars ownership is most likely going to be a success, although we’ll see how big of an operation Stars wants to turn it into. Maybe they’ll want to keep it medium sized to secure market share, but not be equal to Poker Stars.

Stars should do a good job of rebranding FTP under a more favorable and respectable light, as they will pay back players promptly I assume, and are a very well run and managed company. It’ll depend a lot on how much money and time they decide to invest on FTP. It’s a smart business move from Star’s standpoint to scoop up some of it’s biggest competition, and a higher percentage of the market, but hopefully they don’t increase rakes as a result of having major control of the online poker market.

I just really hope this acquisition and deal made between FTP, PokerStars, and the DOJ helps get online poker fully legalized once again in the United States so those players can play online as well, and so I can play from where my family lives more often. It seems like this could be a step in the right direction.