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CPPT VI - Golden Gates Casino

$600 No-Limit Hold'em


Ronnie Lamb Eliminated In 19th Place ($1,684)

Ronnie Lamb got his short stack in preflop with the AQ against Max Young’s A10. The board ran out QJ899 to give Young the straight and the pot. Lamb hit the rail in 19th place, ...

Police Raid Hawaii Poker Home Game

Defendants Believe Game Was Legal Under State's Social Gambling Laws


The Nine DefendantsOn Thursday, the Maui Police Department raided a poker home game being hosted by 35-year-old Khanhnha Vanhtha.

The Department’s Vice, Gambling and Morals Unit executed a search warrant and discovered the game taking place in the living room. Vanhtha was arrested and charged with second degree gambling promotion and possession of a gambling device.

Vanhtha’s bail was set at $400. His eight opponents in the game were also arrested with bail set at $200 each.

The Maui Poker Association issued a statement, saying that the raid was unjust because the game falls under Hawaii’s Social Gambling statutes (712-1231) and does not violate any laws.

According to the statute, social gambling occurs when players compete on equal terms, the host does not profit from a rake, the game is not played on public property and all of the players are at least 21 years old.

Furthermore, the players’ defense is also aided by a recent decision by U.S. District Judge Jack Weinstein, who ruled that poker was a game of skill and does not violate federal anti-gambling laws.

Hawaii is one of only two states, the other being Utah, that has no form of legalized gambling.



over 5 years ago

They look guilty as heck. Fry 'em.


over 5 years ago

Why do you even come here? You obviously don't play poker.

Anyone who plays poker would be pretty angry about the fact that these guys were dragged out of a poker game and thrown in jail.

You don't care though. It will never effect you. It's not a story about a guy being a useless troll who got thrown in jail.


over 5 years ago

+1 WPS. Mikey seems like the guy who tried to play poker, could not win at it, and decided it's all luck.
And i agree that raiding a home game and throwing everyone in jail is just ridiculous. I'm willing to bet that the main motivation for it is that there is money present, which can be confiscated. In my experience with law enforcement, cops are not necessarily honest, nor "by-the-book." They'll lie in a heartbeat, even in court, to justify whatever they actions they took. Knowing this, i am fairly confident that a good part this confiscated money will never make it to the evidence room, as it will be pocketed by the officers involved, and anyone else who needs to be greased so as not to blow any whistles. I believe that this is their main motivation for breaking up this game.


over 5 years ago

I agree with KingaDimus 2nd paragraph


over 5 years ago

My question is in regard to how they found out about the game in the first place. I find it hard to believe this was the only home game going in Hawaii. Sounds like somebody knows a rat. Maybe one or more of them was under investigation for something else and this was a convenient setting to pop them? Who knows. Bottom line: busting a home game is a Complete Waste of Taxpayer Dollars and total mismanagement of a police force's resources. If I lived in that community I'd be organizing a protest of the police chief.


over 5 years ago

whats so f#$5ed up is, these are the people i play with, and they are really kind and hardworking people and they dont deserve anything like this. the house has no rake at all and is a legit friendly game totally legal in any way shape or form. i just hate the fact that they put them on blast like this. does anyone know of the video poker and slot machines they have all over honolulu that is absolutely ridiculous. there are better thing to do like actualy cop work, fight the real criminals.


over 5 years ago

This bust is completely bogus. I have played at the house in question several times myself and the game is 100% legal and legit! The guy that runs the game is a super stand-up guy and is honest to the core. My brother, as recently as 6 months ago, worked for the vice squad here on Maui and said that "the law states that home games are not illegal as long as the house does not take a rake." He also said that "the guys that work at Vice here on Maui are completely over the top and ridiculous about the way they perceive what they believe to be the law and what the law actually is. In reality the Vice Squad has made an illegal and unjust bust and when the charges are thrown out they will go on with their stupid ways with no one holding them accountable for the way the rape people of their constitutional rights. Shame on you for having your head up your ass to the MPD officers that made this bust!


almost 5 years ago

What these guys should do is sue for malicious prosecution. It's the job of law enforcement to know the law before they act and I'll bet this was done as some form of harassment toward the game host or one of the other players.

By the way, I'm pretty sure that Mikeyb was joking. I laughed, at least.