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Euro Poker Tweets Of The Week

Joe Hachem Apologises, El Classico Attracts Poker World, And Pros Get Insightful On Twitter This Week


This week saw Joe Hachem apologise on Twitter for a tweet and photo he posted last weekend which featured a baby and a smoking pipe with the comment, “Go blues, shisha for all, can never be too young”.

The poker playing family man did not expect the reaction it got (or obviously for people to think it was in real) but due to the response it got had to later take down the offending picture. On Tuesday, Aug. 21, he wrote, “If my shiaha [sic] tweet from Saturday has offended anyone I sincerely apologies. It was not my intention to offend anyone let alone condone underage smoking. I never have and never would do that intentionally. Once again my sincere apologies.”

As European Poker Tour Barcelona climaxed, pros who took part were busy lapping up the sights, food, and weather before they depart. One draw became clear on Twitter, football. And not just any football match, Barcelona versus Real Madrid.

Scott Seiver wrote, “Just finished watching el Classico with like 20 friends. What an incredible time and match! Also got 3rd in the 2k yesterday. Sorel Mizzi said, “Went to my first ever football game.. Barcelona vs Real Madrid… wow, NOTHING like watching on TV… love the high energy environment”

While presenter Joe Stapleton tweeted, “I think all you people who said you were going to Barcelona vs. Real Madrid were lying because I didn’t see any of you there.”

The outspoken Daniel Negreanu had something to say about the World Series of Poker Europe and took to Twitter to do so. On Aug. 23, he wrote, “I KNOW I’m in the minority on this but I loved it when WSOPE was in London. Moving to Cannes makes it easier for me to miss. I love London.”

Following this with, “What I love most about London? The people, the humor, the vegan options, the cultural diversity.No city is perfect but I like what it offers.” And then he explained what it all really boiled down to, “Sorry for excessive twitter rant: #1 reason I get frustrated on the road is a lack of easily available vegan options. Fix that and I’m good!”

As the weekend approached, players were busy hitting up Twitter with various thoughts on their mind. For David Rheem it was plan-making time. He tweeted, “So this is how my mind works, make $, pay back some, give some to family, spend some & go make some more $! Any questions?

A follower, Mark Newhouse, responded, “how about keep some?” To which “Chino” replied, “That one was a given, obv lot more things we can do. Just giving the breakdown of me now!” Another follower was not so supportive of the current plan. Kirk Holt wrote, “I wouldn’t be giving any away or spending any until I paid back all. Owing people money when you have it in your hands is weak.”

A variety of moods were conveyed across Twitter lines by the poker world as Friday drew to a close. Some pros were on the hunt for a bit of action. Sam Trickett tweeted, “Just booked in to Test drive the Ferrari 458 Spider on Tuesday! Hope its as good to drive as my R8… #cantfookingwait”

While others were pensive and insightful. French pro Ludovic Lacay wrote, “Chaque jour un peu plus on se rapproche de Ludovic Lacay 2.0” This roughly translates to “Every day a little closer to Ludovic Lacay 2.0.” And Liz Lieu tweeted a serene image alongside, “One’s heart must become a sea of love. One’s mind must become a river of detachment.”

Maria Mayrinck looked into the psyche also, but in her own way. She tweeted, “i put toddlers & tiaras on the TV, hid the remote & went out. When I cam back David said I hurt his brain. #experiments…“

One player who held more of a serious tone was Dan Fleyshman. Talking about the athlete in the spotlight right now, Lance Armstrong, Fleyshman was clearly passionate about the subject. One of his tweets read, “Lance Armstrong has helped MILLIONS of people thru his charity & inspired 100’s of millions over the past 2 decades. “

And finally others were just being themselves and making the poker world laugh. Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott got Tweeters giggling with one of his many jokes and witty comments. He posted, “I heard 15 of Phil Hellmuths books were stolen from is car .He was really upset because he had nt colored them in yet !!”