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Joe Hachem Smoking Baby Tweet Catches Fire

Picture Of Smoking Baby Gets WSOP Main Event Winner In Spot Of Bother


Aussie poker pro and former World Series of Poker main event winner Joe Hachem got himself into a spot of bother on Twitter this week when he posted a picture of a baby apparently smoking a shisha pipe.

The tweet said, “Go blues, shisha for all, can never be too young”.

The situation quickly escalated with the Australian Herald Sun newspaper quoting Australian Childhood Foundation spokesman Joe Tucci saying,“I don’t think that anybody in that photo intended to harm that child, but inadvertently they have put that child in some sort of danger. This photo minimises the rights of a child.”

Initially Hachem removed the tweet and asked fans to lighten up. “Take a chill pill man as if it’s real, geez so uptight,” he tweeted.

However he soon followed up with an apology tweeting, “If my shiaha (sic) tweet from Saturday has offended anyone I sincerely apologise. It was not my intention to offend anyone let alone condone underage smoking. I never have and never would do that intentionally. Once again my sincere apologies”.

Hachem is not the only Aussie poker player to court controversy in recent times. Former cricketer Shane Warne took flack when ads for his sponsor 888 poker appeared on a hardcore porn site while he ran a children’s charity.