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Jamie Gold Responds to $12 M WSOP Lawsuit

World Series of Poker Champion Expresses Regret and Thank Supporters

In response to the highly publicized $12 million World Series of Poker lawsuit filed by plaintiff Crispin Leyser and his legal representatives, now pending in the judicial courts of Las Vegas, Nevada, Jamie Gold through B/W/R PublicJamie Gold Relations and his legal representatives have released the following statement.

"Jamie Gold is disappointed that the plaintiff, a person he has only known since July of this year, has elected to file litigation rather than continue the parties' discussions in an effort to find a resolution to this matter."

The plaintiff in this case, Bruce Crispin Leyser, is represented by high profile attorney and legal representative to the stars David Chesnoff of Chesnoff & Shonfeld. Leyser is a former UK executive television producer who moved to Los Angeles four years ago and has achieved moderate success as an online poker player, commentator, and poker trainer for the World Poker Tour Bootcamp. But in less than three weeks, Leyser has become a household name in the widely publicized pursuit of what he believes is his share of the $12 million in prize money awarded to Jamie Gold after Gold won this year's World Series of Poker.

Jamie GoldAccording to the 28-page legal document filed in Clark County on Monday morning, legal team Chesnoff & Shonfeld also petitioned for a temporary restraining order over the $12 million in WSOP championship winnings. It was quickly approved and the money was directed to remain in the Rio All Suite Hotel Casino property vaults until September 5, unless otherwise ordered by the courts.

According to Gold's PR firm, that is exactly where it appears this case is headed.

"Mr. Gold believes strongly in the American judicial system and believes that it is better to present his case there than to try the matter before the court of public opinion," says Alfred Hopton of B/W/R.

The Leyser vs. Gold case has been a black eye for the richest and most successful poker tournament in the history of poker events. And Gold expressed his gratitude and regret over what effects this might have on public opinion.

"He [Gold] is pleased to have had the opportunity to participate and win the World Series of Poker and is pleasedJamie and Mother Jane Gold with the quality of the tournament, his outstanding opponents, and Harrah's, the event organizer."

In a final statement, Gold addresses supporters, contributors, and attendees of this year's WSOP.

"Mr. Gold further appreciates the support of his fans and sponsor,, and hopes that this unfortunate litigation will not detract from the outstanding efforts of the entire field of participants in the World Series of Poker."

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over 14 years ago

I really hope Gold isn't wondering why Bodog dropped him.