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Vicky Coren's Engagement Announcement Gets Twitter Buzzing


During the week Victoria Coren and David Mitchell announced their engagement in The Times. The poker world has been rocked quite a bit over the past year, so it’s always nice to celebrate happy news like this, and it wasn’t long before congratulations were pouring in on Twitter from players, fans, and friends.

Coren tweeted, “Thank you for your nice tweets this morning. I’m very happy.” As the news spread across the poker community, the Twitter lines continued to be set alight. Neil channing wrote, “… much congrats to you both. If it’s early June it’s a rare event I’d postpone Vegas trip for.” To which Coren replied, “@SenseiChanning Blimey, are you serious? I’d rather ruled that out *examines calendar again *”

Coren’s popularity is evident from her jam-packed and very much alive Twitter page, plus many of the people and companies tweeting reflect the true character of the poker pro. St John’s Hospice even took the time to tweet, "Congratulations to VictoriaCoren and @RealDMitchell on their engagement!! Coren responded, "StJohnsHospice Thank you so much, that’s lovely to read and has touched me a lot. Love & best wishes to all."

The congratulatory comments are only starting to slow down. In the meantime, Coren has hit up Twitter saying, “Oh look, loads more nice messages today. Thanks all so much, it feels like such a kind and lovely world. xx”

And in answer to the many Tweeters who were wondering why the poker star announced the engagement in The Times rather than the paper the lovebirds have columns in, the Observer, Coren wrote, “People keep saying that, but the Observer doesn’t have a Register! Also, my dad wrote for the Times; he’d have liked it.”

A big congratulations to Victoria and David and all the very best for the future.