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New Year Poker Talk With Jesse McKenzie

Australian Pro Fondly Looks Back On 2011 But Bulldozes Ahead Into 2012 With Big Ambition


From Sweden to Australia, Card Player’s New Year chats continue with Jesse McKenzie.

The Australian took down a Sunday Million in 2011 for $179,679 so it is for certain that while reminiscing on the year just gone his memories should be quite positive. He has come a long way from the US$27 he originally deposited and shows no signs of slowing down. Here he discusses what he was most proud of and the players who impressed him the most in 2011, but also his many big ambitions for the future.

Rebecca McAdam: How was your 2011?

Jesse “On The Mac” McKenzie: The most amazing year ever! I am highly motivated and have a great balance with family, poker, and life in general.

RM: What were you most proud of?

JM: My consistency and ability to help others around me get better.

RM: Your best memory of 2011?

JM: Winning the Sunday Million whilst on holidays in Seville Spain. Being with friends and waking up at midday, going to the Croissanterie in Lagos, Portugal, then going to the beach, grinding, then partying and waking up and doing it all over again!

RM: Did you learn anything this year?

JM: People overestimate their abilities in some areas and undervalue the virtue of hard work. Great effort in some ways can overcome other deficits. I don’t think I am the most talented. I am proud of my work ethic.

RM: Where was the best place you’ve been in 2011?

JM: Hamilton Island, it is a part of the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia’s state of Queensland. Other than that, Queenstown in New Zealand where we played PokerStars SnowFest APPT. I stayed and played WCOOP in beautiful Queenstown, it was amazing.

RM: What is your ideal way to spend Christmas?

JM: On a tropical island with a beautiful girl after having an amazing family feast. Watch some movies, drink some cocktails, sit in the sun, grind some drunk heads-up sit ‘n’ go’s with my girlfriend.

RM: What were your plans for New Year’s eve/day?

JM: On a boat on Sydney harbour. Watch fireworks on TV, and eat some great food with family.

RM: What would be an ideal present to give to you?

JM: To be the Australian representative of PokerStars Team Online.

RM: What are your poker plans for 2012?

JM: Aussie Millions in January, grind online, then I want to spent some time in London and play some EPTs. I am stockpiling some Euro Steps at the moment.

RM: What are your hopes for the New Year?

JM: Good health for my family, continued development of myself as a poker player and person, more travel, and I really want success for my friends in Australian poker.

RM: Who most impressed you this year in poker?

JM: In the Asia Pacific, Jeff Rossiter, Brad Bower (BaZa88), Tom Grigg (Tollgate), Hugh Cohen (Jackovich), Tim English (Weygang). On the World stage Eric Seidel, Chris Moorman, Elio Fox, Ziigmund, and Jake Cody.