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Yes, Doyle, Louie Anderson Just Raised

Celebrities Flocked to WSOP's Main Event


Here's something that might've been overheard walking around the halls of the Rio at this year's World Series of Poker main event:

"Was that Ron Jeremy? Because I just saw Lennox Lewis (how can you miss him) duck into the bathroom, and that guy from Everybody Loves Raymond, Brad Garrett, he's over at table 7, and right over there is Toby McGuire (he's hiding his face). Also, those '70s Show kids, Laura Prepon and Danny Masterson, they're here, and so is Chris Masterson. He was on Malcolm in the Middle, I think."

At least the large presence of Hollywood stars gave the professional players people to ogle at. Some of the stars were sponsored by Internet sites (Jeremy was sponsored by, others were here on there own.

A short list of the stars includes Shannon Elizabeth, Robin Tunney, Louie Anderson, Norm McDonald, Sully Erna (Godsmack's lead singer), Roger Cross, James Garner, Mimi Rogers, Jennifer Tilly, Denny Crumb (basketball coach for Louisville), and Joanna Krupa.

It's well documented how the poker bug has invaded the Hollywood Hills and Celebrity Poker Showdown might be the biggest show in television that nobody claims they watch (we know you do). It seems the world's largest poker stage was too hard to resident for those who make a living in front of the world.

But it's a good thing that they're famous. None of the stars made it past Wednesday. Players got into the money Friday.