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Doyle Brunson Roasted Last Night

The Roast Featured Stars and Plenty of Wit


Last night, people who loved Doyle Brunson got together at the Bellagio and honored the "Godfather of poker" by ripping him a new one. And Brunson seemed to love every minute of it.

Many of the finest poker players in the world showed up to watch Brunson get roasted in front of hundreds of people.

Chip Reese, CardPlayer Media CEO Barry Shulman, Phil Hellmuth, Gabe Kaplan, Barry Greenstein, Todd Brunson, Jennifer Tilly, Pam Anderson, Mike Sexton, long-time friend Willie Jones and others each took turns explaining to all just what an old, cheap, whiny failure Brunson is.

The roast was hosted by Brad Garrett, who starred on "Everybody Loves Raymond." Garrett pulled no punches and gave a great, rated-R job. Anderson may say he took it too far because right after she spoke, she walked off the stage, gathered up her dozen-strong posse, and headed for the door.

On the way out, a member of her group started sparring with Garrett, asking him when was he going to get funny, but he was no match for the razor-sharp comedian, who acted as if he was a Tommy gun and quickly mowed him down to the applause of the audience.

Doyle Brunson takes the seat of honor at his Roast on Thursday, July 27, 2006

Some of the highlights at the roast include:

"Doyle cries more at a poker game than Dick Vermeil after winning the Super Bowl," said Greenstein.

"You're blood was just tested for dust," said Garrett.

Anderson said she spent the night with Brunson the night before, and while holding her hands apart about 10 inches, said "It's true what they say, everything's bigger in Texas."

Age was an easy topic for many. "You remember the game that Wild Bill Hickok got shot in the back? Well, Doyle was at that game," Sexton said.

Todd Brunson said Lyle Berman asked him when the next time he and his father would be in the same room wearing a suit. He paused as the audience began to get tje joke before saying "I said I hope it's him and not me."

Garrett said Brunson whines so much that last week one of Hellmuth's kids accidently called him dad.

Willie Jones, who grew up with Brunson in Longworth, Texas, stole the show. He made fun of Brunson's basketball skills (they were high school teammates), body parts and how Brunson had aged before getting serious.

He said every once in a while, all people want to hear someone tell them how good they have done with a a simple but heartfelt "atta boy."

"I think I speak for everyone tonight when I say, 'atta boy.'"