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Euro Poker Tweets Of The Week

Padraig Parkinson Recovers From Heart Attack As Twitter Lights Up With Well Wishes


The poker world got a fright this week when one of its legends Padraig Parkinson suffered a heart attack. The well-loved Irish pro hit Twitter on Sept. 28 soon after the attack and said, “1 heart attack.2days in intensive care. They say in 1 month I will live a normal life;Small price to pay.”

It was clear that Parkinson’s sense of humour was already back to form as he continued to tweet, “French cardiologist muttered something about 2 drinks a day as I left hospital.I didnt feel like it but I had them anyway”

Parkinson, who isn’t known to take himself too seriously, joked about the irony of the situation to well-wishers, “Thanks to all who tweeted, etc to see if I was alive.9 mths after I quit cigs I had a heart attack carrying 26 euros worth of fruit and veg”

Many light-hearted jokes and get well soon tweets then poured in such as that of Matt Savage, “Really glad to hear you are OK @padraig888! Take care of yourself mate!” And Tony G, “get well soon @padraig888 – you have the heart and commitment!” Not to forget WSOP bracelet holder Marty Smyth who chimed in with, “Did Surinder [Sunar] buy a round?”

Parkinson showed he was back to his usual self by keeping up with the banter of pros such as fellow Irishman Nicky Power. Parkinson wrote, “@SavagePoker @_NickyPower_ There comes a day in every mans life when he realises 2hearts and 1 dick is the optimum package.” Power replied, “how many livers you reckon optimal, back up lungs wouldn’t be the worst idea either.” To which Padraig responded, “two livers would be an excellent idea for a man with two incomes or two wives.”

The Card Player writer then turned his attention to other serious matters; Mike Sexton and the pair’s weight loss bet! He tweeted, “accused by @MikeSexton_WPT of having heart attack to win our weight loss bet.I guess the dual amputation master plan is toast.”

Card Player wishes Padraig a speedy recovery and the best of health and happiness in the future.