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Fintan Gavin Leads UK & Ireland Poker Tour Edinburgh

Forme European Poker Tour Runner Up and UKIT Galway Organiser Leads Final 12 In Scotland


Chip leader Fintan Gavin PokerStars UK & Ireland Poker Tour Edinburgh plays down to a winner today and the final 12 are led by Irishman Fintan Gavin. Gavin came second at EPT Barcelona a couple of years back and has a strong chip advantage which could see him rule the roost over his mostly British opponents.

The main event attracted 519 players who paid €500 to enter. The winner will get paid €61,500.

The final twelve, all guaranteed at least £2,750, are:
Fintan Gavin (Ireland) — 1,900,000
Thomas Ward (UK) — 1,288,000
Robert Swindells (UK) — 903,000
Craig Brown (UK) — 753,000
Jamie Dale (UK) — 690,000
Kevin Letham (UK) — 471,000
Andrew Hawksby (UK) — 430,000
Antonis Poulengeris (UK) — 409000
Alan Kirk (UK) — 262,000
Alexander Wanner (Germany) — 245,000
George Clyde-Smith (UK) — 195,000
George Devine, (UK) — 151,000

The final table payouts are:
1st £61,500
2nd £37,400
3rd £22,900
4th £16,850
5th £13,100
6th £10,500
7th £8,050
8th £6,300
9th £4,555

Check back at tomorrow for news of the winner and payouts.