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MLB Likely Will Not Suspend A-Rod for Poker

Conflicting Accounts Place Doubt Over His Involvement


Alex Rodriguez. Credit: Forbes.comESPN has reported that New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez likely will not face suspension following his alleged participation in underground, illegal poker games

However, Rodriguez could face league action “if it was determined that his conduct violated Major League Baseball standards concerning drug use and betting on baseball in the course of the poker games. Specifically, MLB will want to know if Rodriguez had anything to do with the alleged cocaine use at the games, or if the money amounts involved could make him more vulnerable to gamblers.” Investigators are currently trying to set up an interview with Rodriguez about his alleged involvement.

The story first broke in June when it was reported that Rodriguez was involved in the ring that included celebrities Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon. The operation gained attention after Maguire was named in a lawsuit seeking to reclaim $311,200 in losses from the Spider-Man star.

In July, ESPN reported that MLB began a probe into the allegations against Rodriguez. The beleaguered star refused to comment on his alleged poker playing or the ongoing investigation when questioned last month. The case comes six years after Rodriguez said he would quit visiting illegal poker clubs in New York.