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Euro Poker Tweets Of The Week

New Sheriff Of Twittertown Starts As He Means To Go On


Erika MoutinhoThe past few weeks in Twitter world have been largely filled with the comedown from the World Series of Poker; players taking breaks, some busy with interviews and photo shoots, plenty of congratulations and support for the November nine, and commiserations for those who came close but not close enough.

Of the latter bunch is David “Doc” Sands and Erika Moutinho. The two ruffled many feathers with fantastic performances in this year’s WSOP main event, sometimes even sitting next to each other under the heat of the numerous cameras and lights, followed by the scrutinising eye of the feature table.

Sands received $242,636 for 30th and was followed out by Moutinho in 29th for the same amount. The two had much to celebrate however and on Jul. 24, Moutinho tweeted, “It’s official!! Couldn’t be more excited to spend the rest of my life with @Doc_Sands!” She also attached a photograph of quite the sparkler. Congratulations Erika and David!

Speaking of big names during this year’s WSOP and the aftermath of a terrific performance, no one can deny the feats of Ben Lamb. The entire poker world now knows who he is and this new fame has to be confirmed by the presence of a new profile on Twitter, fakebenbalamb. The anonymous tweeter wrote, “@BenbaLamb I plan to be your OFFICIAL twitter parody be honored if u would b my first follower..the other parody accts r lame”

Doc Sands then wrote to the real Ben Lamb and said, “I just got a tribute tweet from @fakebenbalamb. #howfamousareyou?”

The most recent Twitter news is definitely the icing on the cake, and is sure to create much laughter, annoyance, and indeed controversy. This week Twitter was graced by the presence of one of the biggest characters in poker, “Devilfish”. Yes, it’s true, Dave Ulliott is now on Twitter and is already causing a stir.

Dave "Devilfish" UlliottOn Aug. 1 Devilfish wrote his first tweet, “Thought Id give this Mother a go!!!” Since then, as expected, there has been many controversial insults and dirty one liners.

“Here is a highlight of some of his less vulgar tweets (including a hillarious back and forth with Tony G):*

“So So behind with this, i just mastered the tin opener, i asked boys were the thingy is that peels stuff and they said she left 4 days ago!!”

“@TonyGuoga I heard that in Vegas you went to buy a shirt in D&G and the only thing you could fit into was the changing room!!!!!”

Tony G: “I remember being in d and g @devilfish2011 – you were in the kids section getting your girlfriend some new clothes”

“@TonyGuoga I couldnt afford to dress ur gf last time i saw her on the beach in Barcelona flies were dying of old age crawling across her gut”

Stars of the felt such as Tom Dwan and Doyle Brunson also had things to say to the UK poker legend. Dwan wrote, “Devilfish sure is unique lol. N sorry @devilfish2011 about those losses in the plo cash, game ws pretty huge. Jus win wsope yo”

To which Devilfish replied, “@Tom_Dwan Thx son, yeah tht game was crazy, I’m busking now and sleeping in a cardboard box and its pissing down!”

Check back next week to find out what’s brewing in the Twitter world and of course what the players have to say in their own words about events and issues in poker across the globe.