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CPPT V - December Extravaganza

$3,500 No-Limit Hold'em $500K GTD


Mike Dentale Wins 2017 CPPT Venetian December Extravaganza Main Event

Mike Dentale has won the 2017 Card Player Poker Tour Venetian December Extravaganza $3,500 no-limit hold’em main event. The 47-year-old window business owner from Brooklyn, New York defeated a field of 235 entries to win ...

Ralph Perry Wins 2006 WSOP PL Omaha Bracelet

Takes Home Bracelet After 3-1/2 Hour Heads-Up Battle


The 16 remaining players for WSOP Event #26, the pot-limit Omaha tournament, took their seats at 2 p.m. PDT yesterday to test their Omaha prowess against each other in an attempt to take home the sought-after golden WSOP bracelet.

The tournament day would quickly be characterized by rapidly occurring eliminations, as the first seven players were ousted in just over an hour-and-a-half. The remaining nine players comprised the final table. Here were the players going to the final table:

  • Spiro Mitrokostas
  • Russ Salzer
  • Jason Newburger
  • Zhang Luzhe
  • Frank Henderson
  • Ray Lynn
  • Brian Kocur
  • Rafael Perry
  • George Abdallah
True to the pace already set, the first elimination occurred just 10 minutes after the final nine were organized. On a flop of AheartQ heart2 heart, Russ Salzer raised all in and was called by George Abdallah. Salzer showed Adiamond Aspade 8heart 9spade for a set of aces and a flush draw, while Abdallah had Kheart Jheart Qclub Aclub for a flopped nut flush. The turn and river, 9diamond and 5diamond, improved neither player and Salzer was eliminated in ninth ($14,333).

Only 15 minutes, later Jason Newburger was put all in preflop with Adiamond Kclub 5diamond 2heart and eliminated in eighth when Brian Kocur's Kheart Kdiamond Jclub 3club held up. Newburger brought home $21,499 for his finish.

The quick eliminations continued as Frank Henderson was eliminated in seventh ($28,665) and another bust occurred just five minutes after. Rafael Perry raised and Spiro Mitrokostas called on the button. The flop came Aheart Qdiamond Jdiamond and Perry led out with a pot-sized bet. Spiro reraised to put himself all in. Perry called and showed Aclub Qheart Kdiamond 7diamond for two pair and a flush draw, while Spiro flipped up Aspade Qclub Jheart 6diamond for the same two pair. The turn, a 3diamond, gave Perry the flush and a blank on the river, the 3heart, eliminated Spiro in sixth place, earning him $35,831.

Play slowed and players were given some breathing room as an hour passed before the next elimination. On a flop of 8diamond 6diamond 3heart, Ray Lynn pushed all in and was called by George Abdallah. Abdallah showed Aspade Aclub 10club 8club for a pair of aces and Lynn turned over KspadeJ spadeJ heartA diamond for a pair of jacks. Lynn needed a jack or running kings to avoid elimination. Unfortunately for him, the turn and river brought two nines and he was eliminated in fifth ($42,998).

Zhang Luzhe was eliminated shortly thereafter when he pushed all in preflop and was called by Brian Kocur. Kocur flopped a straight and rivered an even better straight to beat Luzhe's two pair and eliminate him in fourth. Luzhe took home $50,164 for his finish.

However, Kocur's win didn't help him stay in the ranks. Kocur moved all in on a board showing 10heart 7spade 6club Qdiamond and was called by Rafael Perry. Perry showed Jspade 9club 8club 5heart for a flopped straight and Kocur turned up Adiamond Kdiamond Jclub 9diamond for a draw to the nut straight with a jack. The draw did not pan out, however, when the river was the 5diamond and Kocur was eliminated third ($57,330) leaving Perry and George Abdallah heads-up.

Perry and Abdallah's heads-up match lasted three-and-a-half hours before a winner was decided. Before the flop, Abdallah raised and Perry called. The flop came 10heart 7spade 3spade and Perry bet, prompting Abdallah to raise all in. Perry was thinking of calling when Abdallah pointed out, ""Still leaves you a lot of chips (if you call)." After this comment, Perry moved his chips in the middle and called. Abdallah showed Qheart 10diamond 4club 3heart for two pair while Perry flipped over Kclub Jheart 10club 2heart for top pair. The turn brought the 9heart, which gave both players a flush draw, but Abdallah a higher one. The river was the 8diamond and Abdallah celebrated. He started high-fiving his friends at his perceived win. However, Perry was sitting patiently, waiting for the chips to come his way, as he had hit a straight (7spade 8diamond 9heart 10club Jheart). Upon realizing this, Abdallah congratulated Perry on his victory. Abdallah collected $109,644 for his second place finish and Rafael Perry won the WSOP gold bracelet along with $207,817.

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