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Main Event Day 1A: Brutal Table Draw

Barry Shulman, Vanessa Selbst, Matt Glantz, and Jason Alexander at Same Table


Left to right: Barry Shulman, Vanessa Selbst, Jason Alexander, Matt GlantzFor most professionals on one of the four starting days of the main event, the first table is a chance to play against less experienced opponents and build up a stack for day two. However, there are always a few tables out there that can deviate from the norm.

Here on day 1A of the 2011 main event, purple 362 in the Amazon room has been anything but easy for those who ponied up $10,000 to compete in one of the softest big buy-in fields of the tournament year. This table features elite pros such as Matthew Glantz, Vanessa Selbst, and Barry Shulman, in addition to a former online grinder and former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander, who is no joke on the felt.

Glantz took to Twitter to vent his astonishment at the luck of the draw in a field of thousands. “This random table is tougher than most of my tables in the 5 days of the 50k,” Glantz wrote. “Main Event Day 1A. I recognize every single player at my table. Is this even possible?”

The group of players will continue to battle it out until the table breaks. Stay tuned to Card Player for more coverage of the 2011 World Series of Poker main event.