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Online Poker Streaming Allows For In-Running Betting

New Technology Allows Winmedia To Broadcast Both Live And Delayed Feature Table Streams


Winmedia Ireland, one of the world’s leading poker TV production companies, has acquired Radio Frequency Card Identification (RFID) technology which allows live poker events to be streamed in treal time over the web.

This opens up many possibilities for online poker operators and tournament organizers, not least of all in-running betting.

The company can now show poker in two ways – live and delayed.

Live streaming allows for in-play betting and includes graphics such as flops, odds, and chip counts – the RFID table allows for accurate, real-time chip counts.

As well as live streaming a second, delayed stream with hole cards can be replayed (continuously if required) one hour after the live stream allowing viewers to see in full detail how hands played out including the players hole cards.

Winmedia boss Ian Langstaff, who has been filming poker for broadcast since 2003, said, "What’s new and unique about this is that people can see the live game and place bets from the shuffle up and deal. By showing the hole cards later clients can gain more player information for the future and as a bonus the second stream keeps viewers online for an extra hour as they will all want to see exactly what happened.