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Tournament Poker Edge Analyzes Key Hand By Sadan Turker

Turker Makes Great Call For Most Of His Stack On Scary Board Against Jon Turner


Sadan TurkerCard Player has teamed up with the great minds from Tournament Poker Edge to bring you top-notch hand analysis from key hands during the World Series of Poker.

This time around, we’ll take a look at a hand played by Sadan Turker, runner-up of event no. 8, $1,000 no-limit hold’em. Turker eventually lost heads-up to Sean Getzwiller and earned $377,411.

Despite the second-place finish, we caught an impressive hand during five-handed play against Jon Turner that needed some further analysis, so we asked the guys over at TPE to help us out.

Here’s a look at that hand.

Event — Blinds/Antes $1K No-Limit Hold’em 25,000-50,000 with a 5,000 ante
Player Names Sadan Turker Jon Turner
Chip Counts 6.3 million 4.3 million
Hole Cards 8Spade Suit 8Diamond Suit ?

The Hand

Sadan Turker raised to 115,000 and Jon Turner three-bet to 255,000 from the button. Turker called and the two players saw a flop of 8Heart Suit 7Heart Suit 4Heart Suit.

Turner fired 320,000 and Turker called. The turn was the KHeart Suit and Turker check-called another 360,000.

The river was the 10Diamond Suit and Turker checked once again. Turner bet 1.2 million and Turker went into the tank for almost three minutes before eventually calling with 8Spade Suit 8Diamond Suit for middle set. Turner mucked his cards and afterwards refused to disclose what he held.

Street By Street Analysis


Action — Turker raised to 115,000, Turner reraised to 255,000 and Turker called.

Analysis — Turker’s open is standard with pocket eights. His hand rates to be ahead of Turner’s three-bet range, so flatting the raise is fine. However, a four-bet may be optimal as Turner is likely three-betting a fairly wide range here and Turker will take down the pot preflop most of the time.


Action — The flop came 8Heart Suit 7Heart Suit 4Heart Suit and Turker checked. Turner bet 320,000 and Turker called.

Analysis — Turker’s check-call after the flop is obviously for pot control, however raising here is probably a better play because there are no realistic hands he could be up against that he is crushed by. Turner may even find a way to get it in with a lot hands such as an overpair with a big heart.


Action — The turn was the KHeart Suit and Turker check-called a bet of 360,000.

Analysis — The check call by Turker on the turn is played perfectly because with this board, he is now beat by a wide variety of hands. He wants to see the river as cheaply as possible and there are many cards that will improve his hand.


Action — The 10Diamond Suit hits the river and Turker checked again. Turner bet 1.2 million and Turker eventually called, tabling middle set and taking the pot.

Analysis — The river call is likely based on a read. Turner bets 1.2 million into a 1.8 million pot, which really appears like it could be a value bet from a flush. Turker simply makes a very good call and takes down a massive pot.

The Tournament Poker Edge Perspective

Hand Analyzed By Casey JarzabekTurner’s statement of “good call” afterward pretty much sums up this hand perfectly. While there were likely opportunities to take down the pot before the board got very scary, Turker manages to keep the pot as small as possible, allowing him to make a really tough call which would have been infinitely tougher had the call been for the rest of his stack.

As stated, although it is difficult to know what the table dynamics and history between these two players had been up to this point, it is quite likely that Turker had a read that Turner could be bluffing, allowing him to make an impressive call.

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