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German Poker Pro Wins Sunday Million

Tobias Reinkemeier Makes Nine-Way Deal And Comes Out On Top


After a break for the Spring Championship of Online Poker, the Sunday Million returned with 4,833 entrants. The player to top them all was Tobias “PokerNoob999” Reinkemeier. The German who has a SCOOP title in his arsenal (from 2009) now adds a Sunday Million title to his collection plus $135,053.32. He now has more than $2.7 million in lifetime winnings.

When play got down to the serious end of things, Renkemeier was sitting comfortably among chip leaders. The final table was reached in level 33 with blinds at 100,000-200,000 plus a 20,000 ante. Soon after the final table began, a nine-way deal was made, which saw $20,000 put to one side for whoever was the last player standing.

Here is how the final table looked:

Seat 1: Maroc_Dk 77 (6,142,335)
Seat 2: The__Anfied (14,740,578)
Seat 3: rumazon (3,317,324)
Seat 4: swillslinger (1,433,470)
Seat 5: reutsim (3,759,829)
Seat 6: TomsBrakis (2,466,044)
Seat 7: 3max (2,219,846)
Seat 8: sedinoel (2,902,958)
Seat 9: PokerNoob999 (11,347,616)

It was PokerNoob999 and The__Anfied who made it to heads-up play with PokerNoob999 out in front. After a few back and forths, the German pro got the better of his opponent and the final hand came with The__Anfied holding KHeart Suit 9Diamond Suit and Renkemeier holding pocket twos. The board fell ASpade Suit 10Spade Suit 6Diamond Suit 7Club Suit 6Spade Suit and the German stole the show with two pair. He received a total of $135,053.32 for first place while The__Anfied walked away with $129,319.

Here are the final results and payouts featuring the nine-way deal:

1. Tobias “PokerNoob999” Reinkemeier $135,053.32
2. The__Anfied $129,319.00
3. TomsBrakis $26,834.20
4. Maroc_Dk 77 $49,354.30
5. rumazon $42,861.55
6. 3max $25,917.22
7. sedinoel $37,521.16
8. reutsim $42,295.27
9. swillslinger $40,773.98