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Nevada Online Poker Bill Passes Senate Judiciary Committee

Legislation Moves to a Full Senate Vote


William HorneThe Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday approved a bill for interactive gaming — a measure which would include online poker. The bill is aiming to put the Silver State first in line to adopt regulations for internet poker once federal legislation is passed or the U.S. Department of Justice determines that operating interactive gaming is permissible under the law. Assembly Bill 258 passed out of the State Assembly late last week.

The Senate Committee accepted an amendment from Peter Ernaut of the Nevada Resort Association — which had opposed the legislation in its early stages back in March — to prevent double taxation from the state and federal government. The American Gaming Association, which is working towards introducing its own version of a federal online poker bill, told Card Player that rake taxation would be entirely left for the states to implement and that the federal government would only financially benefit from collecting accurate income tax from players.

Nevada’s online gaming bill goes to the full Senate for a vote later this week, and if successful will return to the Assembly for a ruling on the most recent amendment. If all goes well, the bill will reach Gov. Brian Sandoval’s desk. Horne has said that the governor is in support of the measure.