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Euro Poker Tweets Of The Week

Breaking and Making Rules With The Help Of Twitter


During the past week or so, the Twitter poker world has seen a mix of Black Friday fall-out, comments on players wearing patches for certain events, WSOP preparations, and a mix of WSOP/Black Friday musings such as thoughts on how large the fields will be this year without online qualifiers from America.

Before this, Twitter was set alight during EPT Madrid when there was a bit of a kerfuffle about a rule brought to the attention of the poker media that prevented them from playing in any WSOP events. This was an unwritten rule that was soon laid to rest when a debate kicked off between media and organisers.

On May 11, the WSOP tweeted, “Is it too late to say April Fools Poker Media? (j/k) I screwed up. I hear you. We’ll come up with an alternative that lets u do both.” This alternative came a few days later, “Credentialed media will be allowed to play in any WSOP event they choose. They must register in the Media Center before doing so though…” And, “We will take their credential, which will be returned once the bracelet event they are in, is concluded.”

The next Twitter buzz came during the WPT Championship. At the start of day 2 Daniel Negreanu walked over to Ali Tekintamgac’s table with the WPT camera crew and said, “This is the cheater from Partouche!” Tekintamgac’s presence in the event sparked off a lot of controversy and one of those bringing the subject up on Twitter was Doyle Brunson.

Ali TekintamgacOn May 18, Brunson wrote, “Had a talk with the European “cheater.” He swore to me he didn’t do it. Also said @RealKidPoker [Daniel Negreanu] has a big mouth. I have to side with Daniel." He soon followed this up with, “Sorry about saying european cheater. It was only way to identify this person. Plenty of American cheaters also.:-(“

Brunson had arrived at the Championship emblazoned in DoylesRoom logos despite comments stating that he has terminated his endorsement. On May 19, he wrote, “I’m really sorry I don’t answer questions and give interviers about Black Friday. What would people have me say? Those guys are my friends.” When asked why the poker legend was allowing the site to use his name if he was no longer involved, Brunson replied, “They own the URL and the right.”

Back in the Euro zone, Marcel Luske was busy launching the Federation Internationale de Poker Association website, along with its International Poker Rules. Luske recently tweeted, “Did you know that most online poker rules are Int. Already.& easy to connect with the Brick & morter rules on”

Check back next week to find out who or what from the wonderful world of poker has been in the Twitter limelight.