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Federated Sports and Gaming Announces Season One Qualifiers

Federated Poker League Reveals Qualification Criteria


The Federated Poker League announced their list of 218 eligible players on Tuesday for the inaugural 2011-2012 season. Each of the eligible players were also given a tour card, which will allow individuals to continue competing for two, three or five years, based on past accomplishments.

“We are committed to celebrating the world’s best live tournament players in an entirely new way,” said Federated Sports and Gaming Chairman Jeffrey Pollack. “As we start to fufill this mission, the first question we had to answer was who made the cut and why. For what could have been a very subjective discussion and debate, we elected to embrace objective data.”

There will be no sponsored exemptions for entry into the league during the first season other than nine players who can win their way in through the preliminary events that kick off each of the four Main Events, which will be held at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

The minimum criteria to earn a tour card is at least $1.25 million in adjusted lifetime earnings, with no more than $750,000 coming from any single win and at least nine cashes since 2008. Players who have at least $4 million in adjusted lifetime earnings, with no more than $2 million coming from any single win, along with the nine cashes, earn five-year cards.

In total, the 218 players earned 27 five-year cards, 55 three-year cards and 136 two-year cards. You can view the complete qualification criteria at the league’s website.

Players who earned five-year cards included Daniel Alaei, Johnny Chan, David Chiu, Scott Clements, Hoyt Corkins, Allen Cunningham, Roland De Wolfe, Freddy Deeb, Chris Ferguson, Barry Greenstein, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, John Juanda, Howard Lederer, Erick Lindgren, Jeff Lisandro, Mike Matusow, Michael Mizrachi, Carlos Mortensen, Daniel Negreanu, Men Nguyen, Scotty Nguyen, John Phan, Huck Seed, Erik Seidel, Vanessa Selbst and J.C. Tran. You can view the full roster of qualified players below.

“Our goal in setting the objective qualifying criteria was to capture the best live tournament players, not a certain set of personalities,” said League Commissioner Annie Duke. “Keeping the league membership small not only ensures the highest quality of tournament play, but also allows FS+G to provide a superior playing experience and outstanding service levels to our members.”

The league will consist of four events, starting in August and will feature a pro-am, a charity tournament and a $20,000 main event. The season will conclude in February with a $1 million added Championship Event for the top 27 players with the highest season earnings.

First Name Last Name Season Card
James Akenhead 2 Year B
Daniel Alaei 5 Year
Patrik Antonius 2 Year A
Josh Arieh 3 Year
David Bach 2 Year A
David Baker 2 Year B
David Baker 2 Year B
Eric Baldwin 3 Year
Praz Bansi 2 Year A
Jose Ignacio Barbero 2 Year B
Allen Bari 2 Year B
Isaac Baron 2 Year B
Christopher Bell 3 Year
David Benyamine 3 Year
Steve Billirakis 2 Year B
Mike Binger 3 Year
Nick Binger 2 Year B
Chris Bjorin 3 Year
Andy Bloch 2 Year B
Salvatore Bonavena 2 Year B
Justin Bonomo 2 Year A
Dutch Boyd 2 Year B
Matthew Brady 2 Year B
Steve Brecher 2 Year A
Humberto Brenes 2 Year A
Chad Brown 2 Year B
Doyle Brunson 2 Year A
Shawn Buchanan 3 Year
Eric Buchman 3 Year
Olivier Busquet 2 Year A
Erik Cajelais 2 Year A
Brandon Cantu 3 Year
John Cernuto 3 Year
Johnny Chan 5 Year
Neil Channing 2 Year B
Andrew Chen 2 Year B
David Chiu 5 Year
Cornel Cimpan 3 Year
Scott Clements 5 Year
Hoyt Corkins 5 Year
Allen Cunningham 5 Year
David Daneshgar 2 Year A
Roland De Wolfe 5 Year
Kassem (Freddy) Deeb 5 Year
Ivan Demidov 2 Year B
Jason DeWitt 2 Year B
Quinn Do 2 Year A
Annie Duke 2 Year A
Tom Dwan 2 Year B
Peter Eastgate 3 Year
Mike Ellis 2 Year B
Antonio Esfandiari 3 Year
Chris Ferguson 5 Year
Amnon Filippi 2 Year B
Layne Flack 3 Year
Randall Flowers 2 Year B
Ted Forrest 2 Year A
Jimmy Fricke 2 Year B
Eric Froehlich 2 Year B
Chau Giang 3 Year
Matthew Glantz 2 Year B
Alexandre Gomes 3 Year
Matthew Graham 2 Year B
Barry Greenstein 5 Year
Gavin Griffin 2 Year A
Dmitry Gromov 2 Year B
Bertrand Grospellier 3 Year
Antanas (Tony) Guoga 3 Year
Hasan Habib 3 Year
Joe Hachem 3 Year
Roger Hairabedian 2 Year A
Dean Hamrick 2 Year B
Gus Hansen 2 Year A
Christian Harder 2 Year B
Jennifer Harman 2 Year A
Isaac Haxton 2 Year B
Dan Heimiller 2 Year A
Phil Hellmuth 5 Year
Juha Helppi 2 Year B
Rob Hollink 3 Year
Alessio Isaia 2 Year B
Phil Ivey 5 Year
Alex Jacob 2 Year A
Fernando Jacobo 2 Year B
Martin Per Jacobson 2 Year B
Faraz Jaka 2 Year B
Sirous Jamshidi 2 Year B
Peter Jetten 2 Year B
Marco Johnson 2 Year B
Theo Jørgensen 2 Year A
John Juanda 5 Year
John Kabbaj 2 Year B
Mclean Karr 2 Year B
Frank Kassela 2 Year A
Eugene Katchalov 3 Year
Matt Keikoan 2 Year B
Bryn Kenney 2 Year B
Allen Kessler 2 Year B
Hafiz Khan 2 Year B
Hevad Khan 2 Year A
Davidi Kitai 2 Year B
Chris Klodnicki 2 Year B
Alexander Kostritsin 3 Year
Moritz Kranich 2 Year A
Andreas Krause 2 Year B
Alexander Kravchenko 3 Year
Valdemar Kwaysser 2 Year B
Ludovic Lacay 2 Year B
Florian Langmann 2 Year B
Ted Lawson 2 Year A
Howard Lederer 5 Year
Antony Lellouche 2 Year B
Toto Leonidas 3 Year
Jason Lester 2 Year A
Adam Levy 2 Year B
Andrew Lichtenberger 2 Year B
Kathy Liebert 3 Year
Erick Lindgren 5 Year
Jeff Lisandro 5 Year
Jonathan Little 3 Year
Vitaly Lunkin 3 Year
James Mackey 2 Year B
Jeff Madsen 3 Year
Ayaz Mahmood 2 Year B
Amit Makhija 2 Year B
Mihai Manole 2 Year B
Matt Marafioti 2 Year B
Thomas Marchese 2 Year A
Lee Markholt 2 Year A
Michael Martin 2 Year A
Matt Matros 2 Year B
Arnaud Mattern 2 Year B
Mike Matusow 5 Year
Mike McDonald 3 Year
Nenad Medic 3 Year
Jason Mercier 3 Year
Dario Minieri 2 Year B
Michael Mizrachi 5 Year
Robert Mizrachi 3 Year
Sorel Mizzi 2 Year B
Will Molson 2 Year B
Scott Montgomery 2 Year B
Chris Moore 2 Year B
Carlos Mortensen 5 Year
Greg Mueller 2 Year B
Daniel Negreanu 5 Year
Men Nguyen 5 Year
Scotty Nguyen 5 Year
Annette Obrestad 3 Year
Luca Pagano 2 Year B
Jeffrey Papola 2 Year B
John Brock Parker 2 Year B
Jean-Paul Pasqualini 2 Year B
Ralph Perry 3 Year
Max Pescatori 2 Year A
David Pham 3 Year
Thang Pham 2 Year A
John Phan 5 Year
Carter Phillips 2 Year B
Dwyte Pilgrim 2 Year B
John Racener 3 Year
Vivek Rajkumar 3 Year
Annand (Victor) Ramdin 3 Year
Greg Raymer 2 Year A
Tobias Reinkemeier 2 Year B
David (Chino) Rheem 3 Year
Claudio Rinaldi 2 Year B
Andrew Robl 2 Year B
Blair Rodman 2 Year A
Roberto Romanello 2 Year B
Farzad Rouhani 2 Year B
Vanessa Rousso 2 Year B
Sebastian Ruthenberg 3 Year
Nichlas Saarisilta 2 Year B
Nick Schulman 3 Year
Noah Schwartz 2 Year B
Huck Seed 5 Year
Erik Seidel 5 Year
Scott Seiver 2 Year A
Vanessa Selbst 5 year
Daniel Shak 2 Year B
Soheil Shamseddin 2 Year B
Shannon Shorr 3 Year
Barry Shulman 3 Year
David Singer 3 Year
Gavin Smith 3 Year
Jordan Smith 2 Year B
Justin Smith 2 Year B
Marty Smyth 2 Year A
Fabrice Soulier 2 Year B
Mike Sowers 2 Year B
David Steicke 2 Year B
Samuel Stein 2 Year B
Johan Storakers 2 Year B
Surinder Sunar 3 Year
Steve Sung 2 Year B
Joe Tehan 3 Year
Mark Teltscher 2 Year A
Todd Terry 2 Year B
Julian Thew 2 Year B
Nam Thien Le 3 Year
William Thorson 2 Year B
Yevgeniy Timoshenko 3 Year
Alec Torelli 2 Year B
JC Tran 5 Year
Sam Trickett 2 Year B
Michael Tureniec 2 Year A
Dave Ulliott 3 Year
James Van Alstyne 3 Year
Tommy Vedes 2 Year B
Ville Wahlbeck 2 Year B
Lee Watkinson 3 Year
Michael Watson 3 Year
Mike Wattel 2 Year B
Timothy West 2 Year B
David Williams 3 Year
Justin Young 2 Year B
Ryan Young 2 Year B


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