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The Big Event -- Day 2 at the Bike

Victor Ramdin Jumps to Over a Million on a Dominant Day


Victor Ramdin Victor Ramdin had a day that most poker players dream about during day 2 of The Big Event at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, California on Monday. He began the day with 81,000 and after six, 75-minute levels he had completed a monster rush to lead the field by hundreds of thousands of chips.

It became common place for Ramdin to send players to the rail as other opponents at his table could only mutter to themselves, “He got another one.” The Team PokerStars pro has double the chips of his next closest competitor (Jamie Kaplan with 505,000) thanks to pots like the ones mentioned below:

Victor Ramdin Grabs the Chip Lead

A player in middle position raised to 12,500 preflop and Victor Ramdin made the call on the button. Scott Clements made the call UTG+1 and the flop fell 10Club Suit 3Club Suit 2Diamond Suit.

All three players checked and the 6Spade Suit fell on the turn. Ramdin bet 17,500 and Clements made the call. Middle position raised all in for 67,000. Ramdin made the call and Clements mucked. Their cards:

Ramdin: 6Heart Suit 6Club Suit
Opponent: 7Club Suit 5Club Suit

River: 8Heart Suit

Ramdin won the hand and he grabbed the chip lead with 575,000.

Victor Ramdin Eliminates Yet another Opponent

Victor Ramdin has been on an amazing rush on day 2 and during the last level of the night he took out another opponent. The hi-jack was all in for about 120,000 preflop and Ramdin made the call on the button. Their cards:

Ramdin: JSpade Suit JClub Suit
Opponent: 10Heart Suit 10Diamond Suit

Board: AClub Suit QClub Suit 5Diamond Suit KClub Suit 3Spade Suit

Ramdin won the hand and he grew his chip lead to 1,050,000 to end the night.

While Ramdin was busy dominating his table, the rest of the field was busy busting at an accelerated rate throughout the day. The first level of play saw more than 40 players hit the rail, and the rate of eliminations kept a brisk pace throughout the day. When play began today 221 players took a seat in the tournament, but only 70 of them will return tomorrow.

The notables who hit the rail include Tom McEvoy, Scott Clements, Joseph Cheong, Arnaud Mattern, Jonathan Aguiar, James Mackey, Jordan Morgan, Shawn Buchanan, Tony Cousineau, Ana Marquez, Mark Newhouse, Kathy Liebert, Ray Henson, Raymond Dolan, Eddy Sabat, Tyler Reiman, Vanessa Peng, Joe Tehan, Jerry Yang, Thor Hansen, Amnon Filippi, Hasan Habib, Jose Barbero, Allen Kessler, Shannon Shorr, Marcello Del Grosso, Dwyte Pilgrim, and Barry Greenstein.

Joining Ramdin at the top of the leader board are Christopher DeMaci with 465,000 and none other than Team PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu. The most well-known player left in the field holds 360,700 heading into day 3. Other notables in the top ten include David Paredes, Pat Pezzin, and David Peters.

The top 56 players will make the money tomorrow, and you can catch all of the action on Card Player starting at noon PST.

Day 2 Top Chip Counts:

Victor Ramdin — 1,050,000
Jamie Kaplan — 505,000
Chris DeMaci — 465,000
Tyler Cornell — 410,000
Daniel Negreanu — 360,700
David Paredes — 278,000
Pat Pezzin — 270,000
Ryan Hughes — 265,000
Shawn Busse — 245,000
David Peters — 240,000