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Bodog Plans To Block Data Mining Software

The Site Hopes To Cater To The Casual Player


In an effort to appeal to the more casual online poker player, Bodog announced on Wednesday that they would be making an effort to block data mining software and sites that scrape information from their online poker room. The site is hoping that by restricting player tools, they’ll be able to somewhat level the playing field.

“These poker operator information portals are another example of how online poker is assisting in its own demise,” said Bodog representative Patrik Selin. “I have commented previously on how the operators are doing this to themselves with hand histories, HUDs, and rakeback, all of which we will be cutting out. The next tier in the process is the operator information sites.”

Some sites, such as Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, have made distinctions between what is allowed and what isn’t and have listed the banned software in their Terms of Service. Bodog will be taking it upon themselves to make sure online professionals or tech-savvy users don’t get the upper hand.

“Nobody who is playing poker for fun visits these sites or probably even knows they exist,” Selin said. “They primarily exist to serve the needs of the professional players and therefore we will be implementing online protection against these sites to further aid the crucial leisure poker player.”

Though the site failed to mention how they would go about blocking the software, sites such as PokerTableRatings, PokerDB and SharkScope will most likely be their primary targets.

Bodog recently underwent a software upgrade, providing a more streamlined experience for its players. The changes included an improved log-in system, easier access to the games and lobby sorting shortcuts to speed up the playing experience.



almost 7 years ago

This is probably the most idiotic move a poker room could do in the crucial legal predicament we are in right now.

Facts: We are trying to portray to the US government that poker is not gambling and that skill is involved and does determine the outcome over a large enough sample size.

Now these idiots are trying to use the wording of "leisure poker player" well what the hell does that convey other than... "players that do not treat it as a game of skill and just want to gamble".

Yea perfect timing to "level the playing field" the Republicans can probably now use this as an argument for not allowing poker "gambling" and then making it illegal.

Thanks Bodog, real bright move on your part.


almost 7 years ago

LOL this idiot has no clue what he's talking about. I wasn't referring to data mining you fool, I was referring to using programs to analyze HH which are YOURS, you tool.

Yea data mining sucks and anyone who does it sucks also, it's cheating, so I agree with you fish, I do.

And we know you don't want it legalized, we can all tell by your post that you have lost a fair share of money online haha so we know you don't care if it is legalized or not.

In conclusion, please reup and Pokerstars I need more fish at my tables that blame the site and other players for why they lose thousands of dollars :)


almost 7 years ago

I want online poker legalized and I want the sites to prevent any tool that provides a competitive advantage to some players. If everyone's stats are ok to view when they are playing, the sites should provide the information to all players.

I have a full time job. I love poker, but don't play the bigger tournaments because I feel that others have a competitve advantage against me because of all of these tools. If I want to play cards at a disadvantage, I might as well just switch to blackjack.


almost 7 years ago

"Now these idiots are trying to use the wording of 'leisure poker player' well what the hell does that convey other than... 'players that do not treat it as a game of skill and just want to gamble'"

While I understand the point you're trying to make about the message that may seem to send on the surface, I would hope that the leisure golfers--I mean, elected officials and lawmakers (LOL!)--recognize that to mean the same distinction between leisure tennis players who bring their two rackets (a second only because he/she may break a string on the first) and a can of balls to the court and die-hards who may bring five or six rackets strung to different tensions depending on this or that and play in a different tournament every weekend, or the distinction between leisure bowlers who bring one ball and a pair of shoes (if they even own their own equipment) to the bowling alley and the die-hards who drill a new ball every other week and bring six-ball roller-bags into whatever center they're bowling at on any given weekend.

Thing is, casinos thrive not because of the 90% of people who lose money and probably don't bother to tell more than one or two people (if anyone at all) about it, but because of the 10% who do win and are so excited about it that they brag about it to at least ten of their friends. Poker sites are no different. Bodog is trying to level the playing field by taking the benefits of data mining software (which no player EVER legally has in an open-air live game in the first place) out of play; this way, the percentage of those who win and are inclined to brag about might get closer to where it should be.


almost 7 years ago

Good bye 100k, it was real!