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Susan 'MommaGrinder' Mizrachi Laufer Wins Full Tilt Poker $18K Guarantee

Records Mizrachi Family's First Tournament Win of 2011


Susan Mizrachi LauferThe Mizrachi family had its first tournament win of 2011 on Monday — but it wasn’t from one of its most prominent players.

It wasn’t 2010 World Series of Poker $50K Players Championship winner Michael, who has $11,240,264 in career tournament earnings, or the family’s other WSOP bracelet holder Robert, nor Eric or Donny who both cashed in this past summer’s main event, and not even Michael’s wife Lily who finished second in the Full Tilt Poker $1-million guarantee in late December for $141,838.

The inaugural first-place finish of the new year went to Susan “MommaGrinder” Mizrachi Laufer, who won a $24+$2 buy-in $18,000 guarantee tournament on Full Tilt early Monday morning. Laufer, the mother of the four Mizrachi brothers, outlasted a field of 806 players to take home $4,449 in prize money.

“It is a good way to start the year,” said Laufer, who spent all Sunday-to-Monday night grinding online en route to winning the event. “My kids had a great year in 2010. I broke the ice for 2011. It’s a great beginning. I anticipate my boys taking down a lot of tournaments in 2011. I don’t want to take the limelight away from my kids, but I prefer to win.”

Laufer, who has been a life-long gambler and card player, started playing online about 10 years ago. However, long before she first started logging into the computer, Laufer had been raising what would turn out to be arguably the most successful poker-playing family in history.

"She did a great job. She's been playing forever, and she plays the smaller online tournaments to perfection. Good job momma grinder." - Robert Mizrachi

“My kids would watch me play cards when they were little,” Laufer said. “They would go downstairs and play their own game between each other, and they would write down who owes who. The next day they would ask me for school supply money and pay each other back with that money. We love action. I guess it’s in our blood.”

According to Laufer, she plays more on the virtual felt these days than any of her sons. So it didn’t take long after the win for the news to spread like wildfire among team Mizrachi-Laufer. A flood of phone calls, Facebook posts and Tweets came pouring in, providing some much needed relief in a difficult time for the family. Laufer’s win comes only a couple weeks after she lost her mother.

“It has been the roughest time of my life, and it’s sad to say but the only consolation I have is when I sit on the computer and play poker,” Laufer said. “It just takes me away from the problems and makes me forget everything. It makes life a little bit easier. All of us are in mourning now, but life goes on, and the poker life goes on.”