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Euro Poker Year Review -- November 2010

Barcelona, eBay, And A Remarkable Payout Scenario In Malta


Kent Lundmark. Credit: PokerStarsPlayer of the Month: European Poker Tour Barcelona winner Kent Lundmark.

Quote of the Month: Padraig Parkinson recounts a tale told to him by his old friend and former Binion’s tournament director, Scof – “The pick of his stories over the weekend was one about a dealer who was plying his trade dealing a ring game in Binion’s in the old days. After a particular pot one of the players had a few words to say to him. The dealer didn’t reply but carried on with the next hand and dealt the guy out. The guy went nuts, which is quite understandable, as, in all probability, he’d lost the previous pot. The cardless player screamed for a floorman and when he arrived he asked the dealer what had happened.

The dealer calmly replied that he wasn’t quite sure what the player had said but that it was definitely either “Deal me out please” or else he’d called him a motherfucker, and helpfully suggested that the floor man should ask the gentleman which it was.

Story of the Month: Former world champion Peter Eastgate puts his World Series of Poker bracelet on eBay with the proceeds going to UNICEF.

Hand of the Month: Remarkable because the second place finisher at the European Masters of Poker Malta won £81,590 and the winner just £63,000. "The ultimate hand of the event saw Simone Lombardo bet out 130,000 and Fricke call to see a 7Diamond Suit 6Diamond Suit 5Heart Suit flop. The two then got it all in – Lombardo with JDiamond Suit 9Diamond Suit and Fricke with 8Spade Suit 6Heart Suit. The turn was the 3Club Suit but the river was the 2Diamond Suit to flush Fricke out in second place.”

Blog of the Month: Poker agent Nick Ferro spots an unlikely exchange at the Empire Casino, London during the WSOPE. On closer inspection it turned out to be fellow Card Player writer Padraig Parkinson. Padraig was smashed and I mean absolutely blotto. He proceeded to smoke a cigarette and nonchalantly puffed away without a care in the world to the security guards absolute dismay.

The guard, who had been heavy handed with me, was at a loss – and pleaded with Mr. P to go outside and smoke. This went on for a few more minutes and the now exasperated security guard said, “Don t you understand Sir, you cannot smoke in the hotel, it’s against the law.” At this point Padraig froze.

He stopped puffing on his cigarette, looked up at the guard with a very confused face and said, “Since when did it become illegal to smoke in Las Vegas."

Picture of the Month: The cover of Thor Hansen’s explosive new autobiography.