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Italian Wins European Masters of Poker Malta

Italy Beats Germany at Final Hurdle of EMOP Malta


Simone LombardoThe European Masters of Poker Malta main event was won by Simone Lombardo after he beat 240 other players including heads-up opponent Mathias Fricke.

The Italian received €63,000 for his victory in the €1,500 + €150 buy-in main event as a deal was made heads up which meant that Fricke would walk away from the Casino di Venezia with €81,590 for his runner-up finish.

The ultimate hand of the event saw Lombardo bet out 130,000 and Fricke call to see a 7Diamond Suit 6Diamond Suit 5Heart Suit flop. The two then got it all in – Lombardo with JDiamond Suit 9Diamond Suit and Fricke with 8Spade Suit 6Heart Suit. The turn was the 3Club Suit but the river was the 2Diamond Suit to flush Fricke out in second place.

Here are the final results and payouts:

1. Simone Lombardo – €63,000 (Italy)
2. Mathias Fricke – €81,590 (Germany)
3. John O´Shea – €36,150.00 (Ireland)
4. Johan Berg – €22,410 (Sweden)
5. Henrik Waltersson – €17,350 (Sweden)
6. Jan Bures – €14,090 (Czech Republic)
7. Raul Gonzales – €12,290 (Spain)
8. Jari Kylmälä – €10,480 (Finland)
9. Christoffer Gross – €8,670 (Germany)
10. Manfred Wartenberg – €7,230 (Germany)

Interestingly, Fricke qualified online via a €1 satellite for Facebook fans. While fourhanded he lost his Internet connection, but when it returned he was dealt pocket aces twice in a row and used them to get heads up. He then beat his final opponent with A-Q versus 5-5. Due to the deal, the German managed to turn his €1 into €81,590.

The next and final stop of the EMOP kicks off on Dec. 5 on a cruise ship on the Mexican Riviera, and will run until Dec. 12. To add to the excitement, the top 16 players on the leader board will fight it out for 4 percent of all the EMOP main event prize pools from the season.

Preparing for battle now are Manig Löser, Simone Lombardo, Primož Urek, Manfred Kåvestam, Maciej Lipny, Mathias Fricke, John O´Shea, Henri Ovaska, Povilas Purtokas, Erik Skarp, Kalle, Björn Lundgren, Vladimir Mefodichev, Timothy Timotheou, Matias Knappinen, and Giovanni Sutera.