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Christmas Special Poker Q and A –- Paul Marrow

Card Player Finds Out How 2010 Went for Paul Marrow And His Hopes For A Brighter 2011


Credit: Mickey May and PokerStarsAs the new year approaches, Card Player caught up with some of the big names on the international poker circuit to find out how their 2010 went and what they hope for in 2011.

Liverpudlian Paul Marrow leaves his mark at every table he plays on across the globe. He is one of those players who is entertaining to watch and stands out because of his friendliness, sense of humour, and his style ⎯ both the fashion and poker kind. He was even recently nominated for Irish Poker Personality of The Year award despite the fact he isn’t even Irish. The businessman/poker player spoke to Card Player about the ups and downs of his year, and his predictions for 2011.

Rebecca McAdam: How was your 2010?

Paul Marrow: As far as business was concerned it has probably been the worst year of my life, government bodies being used by powerful companies to create yet another monopoly, sorry I can’t name names in this but I am under a court gagging order, but to say they have taken over 300 jobs and 10 years of bloody hard work away is putting it mildly.

RM: Poker-wise, was it an up or down year?

PM: The start of 2010 was a pretty good start, qualified for most of the major events online, so freerollin’ was the name of the game, unfortunately with what was happening personally I don’t think it helped my live game, sitting at tables listening to peoples woes was not my idea of fun, so if I got one of those tables all I wanted to do was either get massive chips or get the hell out of there.

RM: What was your best moment of the year?

PM: Has to be Humberto Brenas walking up to me at the end of day 1 of the Omaha World championship in Las Vegas saying to me that he has never ever seen, in all his years, anyone play better Omaha than I did that day ⎯ I have to say, he made my day. Just a pity the next day was one of my days when I just wanted to not be there.

RM: Worst moment of the year?

PM: Has to be the day I said goodbye to the greatest man I have ever met, my father, Henry “Harry” Marrow ⎯ A true gentleman. The world is a sadder place without him.

RM: Can you remember your best hand of 2010?

PM: It was a hand I played against Humberto Brenas in the PLO in Vegas. Humberto raised it pot-limit and I flatted him with ASpade Suit KSpade Suit 5x 5x the flop came down QClub Suit 5x 5x, I checked, and Humberto led out for three-quarters of the pot. I flat-called, the turn came the 3Spade Suit, I checked again, and Humberto bet three-quarters of the pot again. Once again I flatted him and the river came down the KHeart Suit. This time I decided to lead out for 5,000, Humberto tanked and asked if I had K-K, I said no, he called with Q-Q so I told him I had 5-5 not K-K, he was devastated.

RM: Was there anything major you learned about your game this year?

PM: Yes, I learned a lot about my game this year. I learned that people consider me to be one of the hardest players to play against. I also now know that I have the game to take on any player in the world, I have to up my concentration levels to a high, also I have to try to play less hands out of position ⎯ albeit one of the world’s top players commented that I had to have the best out-of-position game in the world.

RM: Have you planned any New Year’s Resolutions?

PM: I don’t really do resolutions, I will just carry on trying to do what I do every year, try and help as many people as I can by being honest and considerate at all times.

RM: Have you any goals for 2011?

PM: Re-build my new business into one of the best service providers in the UK, this is mainly personal to stick it back at the bureaucrats and bullies that have caused so many honest people so many problems this year.

RM: What are you looking forward to the most in the New Year?

PM: Seeing all my old friends and making new ones, the success of the new business, and taking down a major poker championship.

RM: Have you any predictions of any kind for 2011?

PM: Most of the European Union countries will make provisions to revert back to their original currencies, this is the only way forward, we will begin to see the demise of the Euro as a single currency, this will enable countries to begin to stabilise their own economies.

I also feel that this year the younger generation will not have it all their own way in the poker world, a lot of the more experienced players will triumph this year.