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Euro Poker Year Review -- August 2010

Every Loser Wins – Channing, Castelluccio, And That Man Manig


Player of the Month: After his near-bracelet experience during the summer in Las Vegas, former Irish Open winner Neil Channing can now also be crowned, GUKPT champion .

Quote of the Month: Roy Brindley in effusive form while recording his new telephone answering message. “Hi this is Roy,” the new message opened. “If you are calling about work, you owe me money or would like to give me some money, leave a message after the tone,” I ostentatiously stated. Before cheekily continuing: “If you are phoning about the invasion of Afghanistan, weapons of mass destruction, the legalities of Americans playing online poker or Bin Laden’s continuing game of hide and seek, kindly hang up immediately!”

Story of the Month: Manig Loser is the kind of name headline writers dream of.

Hand of the Month: Final hand of the Italian Poker Tour San Remo – “Stefano Demontis started the final table fourth in chips and took €120,000 for his second place finish which was determined when he shoved all in preflop with KClub Suit QHeart Suit and was up against [Sergio] Castelluccio’s ADiamond Suit 7Club Suit. The board fell 9Heart Suit 7Club Suit 7Diamond Suit 2Club Suit 9Diamond Suit to make a full house for Castelluccio and he joined recent winner Tamas Lendvai as a IPT Champion.

Blog of the Month: You just know a Mad Marty Wilson blog is going to be good when the story starts… ‘It all began when myself, Jesse and Padraig Parkinson had been asked to provide tuition for a charity poker event being held after the Royal Variety Performance.”

Picture of the Month: We’re bending the rules a little here to bring you our video of the month instead.