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PokerStars European Poker Tour -- Barcelona Day 1B

The Field Grew to 758 Players today and the Top Prize is €825,000


Johnny LoddenThe PokerStars European Poker Tour Barcelona €5,300 no-limit hold’em main event posted another strong attendance showing today in Spain with 495 players in the mix. This pumped the size of the field to 758 players overall and created a total prize pool worth €3,790,000. The attendance today actually surpassed the size of the total tournament field last year (478 players). The eventual champion that will be crowned on Saturday, November 27 will take home €825,000. Here is a look at the payout structure for the tournament:

1: 825,000
2: 525,000
3: 300,000
4: 222,000
5: 170,000
6: 130,000
7: 90,000
8: 70,000
9-10: 50,000
11-12: 36,000
13-14: 28,000
15-16: 23,000
17-24: 20,000
25-32: 17,000
33-40: 15,000
41-48: 15,000
49-56: 13,000
57-64: 13,000
65-72: 11,000
73-80: 11,000
81-88: 9,000
89-96: 9,000
97-104: 7,500
105-112: 7,500

The host country led the way in terms of attendance, with Spain representing a fourth of the field with 121 players. France and Italy were next on the list with 70 participants each, and German attendance was also strong with 58 players. Just 38 players from the United States are playing in the event, and that small number is probably the result of this being Thanksgiving week in the States. Russia was right on the heels of the U.S. with 37 players.

By the end of play tonight approximately 275 players remained, so a rather large day-2 field consisting of a little over 400 players will return tomorrow to continue the march to the prize money awaiting the top 112 players in the event. You can follow along tomorrow with all of the action on PokerStars blog feed. Check out the tournament statistics from day 1B below:

Top Chip Counts:

Luis Rufas 232,100
Zachary Korik 183,200
Leo Fernandez 164,400
Jairo Pascual Borras 159,800
Haykel Vidal 159,500
Roberto Romanello 159,200
Shander De Vries 151,300
Max Greenwood 150,500
Mihails Morozovs 138,400
Dumitru Cioban 136,500

Notable Eliminations:

John Duthie, Dario Minieri, Daniel Negreanu, Luca Pagano, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Jose Barbero, Thor Hansen, William Reynolds, Fabrice Soulier, Johannes Strassmann, Maxim Lykov, Juha Helppi, Bertrand Grospellier

Hand of the Day:

Johnny Lodden Falls from Grace

Team PokerStars pro Johnny Lodden was cruising as one of the chip leaders in the event before a late hand in the day brought his chip stack back down close to the average. Lodden raised to 2,500 preflop under the gun and Andrea Benelli and two other opponents made the call.

The flop fell 4Diamond Suit 2Club Suit 2Diamond Suit and the big blind checked. Lodden bet 5,150 and Benelli chose to call while the other two opponents mucked. The turn brought the ASpade Suit and Lodden bet 13,800. Benelli made the call again.

The river fell 3Diamond Suit and Lodden continued his aggression with a 22,000 bet. Benelli went into the tank before making the call and they flipped over their cards.

Lodden revealed AHeart Suit KClub Suit for aces up and Benelli turned over AClub Suit 4Club Suit for a better two pair. Lodden paid off his opponent and held about 50,000 after the hand.