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World Poker Tour -- Randal Flowers Wins Festa al Lago Main Event

Flowers Takes Home $831,500 and a WPT Title


Randal Flowers WinsThe final table of the 2010 World Poker Tour Festa al Lago $10,000 no-limit hold’em main event took place today at Bellagio in Las Vegas. Six final players remained when play began at 4 p.m. PST and by the end of the night Randal Flowers won the tournament and $831,500.

Flowers also made some WPT history along the way, becoming the youngest player ever to hold two WPT titles at just 21 years of age. The player known as “RandALLin” online now holds $2,613,282 in career earnings.

The brisk final table crowned a champion after just five hours of play and the fallen included Skip Wilson, who was the first to bust in sixth place. Andrew Frankenberger was in a position to win his second WPT final table as well tonight, but the 2010 WPT Legends of Poker champion busted in fifth place. He did take home 850 Card Player Player of the Year points to move into sixth place in the overall standings with a total of 3,610 points.

Jason Koon fell in fourth place next, and then perhaps the longest battle of night ensued for third place. Noah Schwartz was able to double up through Flowers one time, but the second time Schwartz was all in he fell in third place. The length of heads-up play mirrored the pace of the final table and ended in just 30 minutes. Flowers pushed his edge with the chip lead to eliminate his heads-up adversary, Michael Benvenuti, in second place.

In addition to the prize money and WPT title, Flowers also took home a WPT bracelet, a watch courtesy of Bellagio, and a $25,000 seat in the WPT Championship that will take place in May 2011. The next WPT main event will be the Foxwoods World Poker Finals that will run from October 28 – November 2. Card Player will be in Connecticut to bring you live coverage from the Foxwoods main event.

Here is a look back at how play unfolded at tonight’s final table, beginning with a look at the chip counts when play began:

Seat 1: Skip Wilson — 1,200,000
Seat 2: Michael Bevenuti — 1,310,000
Seat 3: Jason Koon — 2,555,000
Seat 4: Noah Schwartz — 3,135,000
Seat 5: Randal Flowers — 3,215,000
Seat 6: Andrew Frankenberger — 1,935,000

Here is a look at all of the elimination hands from the final table as featured in’s live updates:

Skip WilsonSkip Wilson Eliminated in Sixth Place ($112,840)

Michael Benvenuti raised to 220,000 from under the gun and Noah Schwartz folded. During his fold, he accidentally exposed 10-6 from the cutoff. Skip Wilson then made the call from the big blind.

The flop came down 10Club Suit 6Heart Suit 5Heart Suit and Wilson moved all in. Benvenuti takes two minutes before he finally calls the 1,010,000 bet and revealed pocket queens.

Wilson showed QSpade Suit 10Heart Suit and picked up a nice sweat when the JHeart Suit hit on the turn. The river was the 2Spade Suit, however, and Wilson is eliminated.

Andy FrankenbergerAndy Frankenberger Eliminated in Fifth Place ($161,200)

Randal Flowers raised to 200,000 from under the gun and Andy Frankenberger moved all in from the cutoff.

Flowers quickly called with pocket tens and had Frankenberger’s pocket fives in bad shape. The board fell AClub Suit JHeart Suit 8Club Suit 4Heart Suit KDiamond Suit and Frankenberger’s bid to win two WPT championships in the same season came to an end.

Jason KoonJason Koon Eliminated in Fourth Place ($225,680)

Jason Koon raised to 250,000 on the button and Randal Flowers made the call in the big blind.

The flop came down KHeart Suit 8Club Suit 8Diamond Suit and Flowers checked. Koon bet 250,000 and Flowers made the call. The turn was the 9Diamond Suit and Flowers checked again. Koon bet 575,000 and Flowers called.

The river was the 7Heart Suit and Flowers checked. Koon bet 1.5 million and Flowers moved all in. Koon looked sick, but called anyway, showing 6Diamond Suit 5Diamond Suit for a straight. Flowers revealed JDiamond Suit 10Diamond Suit and took the pot with the higher straight, sending Koon to the rail.

Noah SchwartzNoah Schwartz Eliminated in Third Place ($344,968)

Randal Flowers raised to 320,000 on the button and Noah Schwartz moved all in for 2,715,000 from the big blind. Flowers instantly made the call, showing ASpade Suit QClub Suit and he had Schwartz and his KSpade Suit QHeart Suit dominated.

The board fell JDiamond Suit 7Heart Suit 3Diamond Suit 9Diamond Suit 6Diamond Suit and Schwartz was eliminated.

Michael BenvenutiMichael Benvenuti Eliminated in Second Place ($564,200)

Randal Flowers raised to 330,000 and Michael Benvenuti made the call. The flop came down 9Spade Suit 6Club Suit 5Spade Suit and Benvenuti checked.

Flowers bet 420,000 and Benvenuti moved all in. Flowers made the call and showed 9Club Suit 3Diamond Suit for top pair. Benvenuti revealed QSpade Suit 7Spade Suit for an over card, a straight draw and a flush draw.

The turn and river fell 4Club Suit and AHeart Suit and Benvenuti was eliminated.

Final-Table Results:

1: Randal Flowers — $831,500
2: Michael Benvenuti — $564,200
3: Noah Schwartz — $344,968
4: Jason Koon — $225,680
5: Andrew Frankenberger — $161,200
6: Skip Wilson — $112,840



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