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Buy-In: $10,000 + $300
Prize Pool: $3,249,500
Entrants: 335

WPT Festa Al Lago Main Event

  • Oct 15, '10 - Oct 20, '10


Updates on Final Day (Oct 20, 10)


Randal Flowers Wins WPT Festa al Lago Main Event ($831,500)

Randal FlowersCongratulations are in order for Randal Flowers, who is now the youngest player to win two WPT titles at the age of 22.

Flowers came into the final table with the chip lead and never really relinquished it. A couple of flips and coolers went his way and in the end, he was able to fade a monster draw to take the title.

For his efforts, Flowers will take home $831,500, a WPT bracelet and a seat into the $25,000 WPT Championship next May.

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Michael Benvenuti Eliminated in Second Place ($564,200)

Michael BenvenutiRandal Flowers raised to 330,000 and Michael Benvenuti made the call. The flop came down 9Spade Suit6Club Suit5Spade Suit and Benvenuti checked.

Flowers bet 420,000 and Benvenuti moved all in. Flowers made the call and showed 9Club Suit3Diamond Suit for top pair. Benvenuti revealed QSpade Suit7Spade Suit for an over card, a straight draw and a flush draw.

The turn and river fell 4Club SuitAHeart Suit and Benvenuti was eliminated.


Back At It

After a longer than normal break, the players are finally seated and ready to begin. Reminder: Levels only last 30 minutes during heads up play.



The final two players are now on a short break as the WPT crew prepares for the money introduction.


Noah Schwartz Eliminated in Third Place ($344,968)

Noah SchwartzRandal Flowers raised to 320,000 on the button and Noah Schwartz moved all in for 2,715,000 from the big blind. Flowers instantly made the call, showing ASpade SuitQClub Suit and he had Schwartz and his KSpade SuitQHeart Suit dominated.

The board fell JDiamond Suit7Heart Suit3Diamond Suit9Diamond Suit6Diamond Suit and Schwartz was eliminated.

Here’s an updated look at the chip counts entering heads up play.

Seat 2: Michael Benvenuti — 3,680,000
Seat 5: Randal Flowers — 9,750,000

Player Tags: Noah Schwartz,   Randal Flowers

Noah Schwartz Doubles Through Randal Flowers

Noah Schwartz moved all in from the button for 1,405,000 and Randal Flowers made the call from the small blind.

Schwartz showed pocket queens and he was in great shape against Flowers and his pocket eights. The board fell QClub Suit7Spade Suit7Diamond Suit4Club Suit4Heart Suit and Schwartz doubled up.

Here’s a look at the updated chip counts.

Seat 2: Michael Benvenuti — 3,480,000
Seat 4: Noah Schwartz — 3,015,000
Seat 5: Randal Flowers — 6,935,000

Player Tags: Noah Schwartz,   Randal Flowers

Level 30

Play continues without a break as the blinds increase to 80,000-160,000 with a 15,000 ante.


Jason Koon Eliminated in Fourth Place ($225,680)

Jason KoonJason Koon raised to 250,000 on the button and Randal Flowers made the call in the big blind.

The flop came down KHeart Suit8Club Suit8Diamond Suit and Flowers checked. Koon bet 250,000 and Flowers made the call. The turn was the 9Diamond Suit and Flowers checked again. Koon bet 575,000 and Flowers called.

The river was the 7Heart Suit and Flowers checked. Koon bet 1.5 million and Flowers moved all in. Koon looked sick, but called anyway, showing 6Diamond Suit5Diamond Suit for a straight. Flowers revealed JDiamond Suit10Diamond Suit and took the pot with the higher straight, sending Koon to the rail.

Here’s an updated look at the chip counts.

Seat 2: Michael Benvenuti — 2,705,000
Seat 4: Noah Schwartz — 2,860,000
Seat 5: Randal Flowers — 7,865,000

Player Tags: Randal Flowers,   Jason Koon

Randal Flowers Does Mike Sexton

Randal FlowersIn the middle of a hand between Michael Benvenuti and Jason Koon, tournament announcer Craig Lumpp handed the mic over to Randal Flowers to give the audience the action. Flowers, decided to give all the details with a dead on impersonation of Mike Sexton, much to the delight of the rail.

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Jason Koon Doubles Through Noah Schwartz

Noah Schwartz raised to 275,000 from under the gun and Randal Flowers called on the button. Jason Koon then moved all in for 1,805,000 and Schwartz moved all in to isolate.

Flowers folded and Koon showed QClub SuitJSpade Suit. Schwartz showed pocket eights and the two were off to the races. The board fell QDiamond Suit6Spade Suit2Spade SuitJHeart Suit9Diamond Suit and Koon doubled up.

Here’s an updated look at the chip counts.

Seat 2: Michael Benvenuti — 2,315,000
Seat 3: Jason Koon — 4,005,000
Seat 4: Noah Schwartz — 3,070,000
Seat 5: Randal Flowers — 4,040,000

Player Tags: Noah Schwartz,   Randal Flowers,   Jason Koon
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