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U.S. Poker Open Returns To Global Poker

Watch It. Play It. Love It.

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Mar 20, 2024


The world’s top poker players will be descending upon Las Vegas this April for the annual running of the U.S. Poker Open. The eight-event, high-stakes affair kicks off with a $5,000 buy-in and culminates with the $25,000 main event before crowning a champion at the PokerGO studio at the ARIA Resort & Casino.

But for those of us who aren’t high rollers, Global Poker has got it covered. Running in tandem with the live USPO from April 8-21, the popular online poker site will be offering two weeks of tournament action with a total of 18 exclusive trophies up for grabs.

With the USPO on Global Poker, players can watch and play at the same time.

“We are delighted to continue our long-standing partnership with the PokerGO team and the U.S. Poker Open,” said Global Poker General Manager David Lyons. “We have a lot in common, primarily our desire to bring authentic and exciting poker to the North American poker community, and aligning our online and live events will further reinforce that relationship. I am particularly excited that we will be enabling the PokerGO viewer to play-while-they watch and also enabling our Global Poker players to get inspired by the best live poker content that there is, further elevating and amplifying both brands.”

PokerGO President Mori Eskandani agreed, extolling the benefits of their live-and-online partnership.

“Global Poker continues to be an outstanding partner of PokerGO and the U.S. Poker Open, and it’s great to see how much the online version of the USPO has grown in popularity,” said Eskandani. “For the first time ever in 2024, we’ll be aligning the live and online versions of the USPO so that they run concurrently. This is a natural fit and will allow PokerGO to truly turbocharge its promotion of the online series. Having a streamlined promotion funnel should pay big dividends for the online series, and that’s something Global Poker players will love because PokerGO will be putting its full marketing power behind the online series to increase tournament field sizes, which, in turn, will increase prizing. Who doesn’t want that?”

Those watching the live version on PokerGO will no doubt spot Global Poker’s presence on the broadcast.

“In addition to promoting the series via channels such as email marketing and social media, the alignment now allows PokerGO seamless integration to promote the online offering during its industry-leading livestream coverage,” Eskandani added. “We’ll be able to reach more people than ever with our promotional efforts towards the online USPO hosted by Global Poker, and that’s just incredible.”

Global Poker Series Details

This year’s online USPO will feature eight Sweeps Coin and eight Gold Coin events, headlined by the SC 100,000 guaranteed main event and GC 50,000,000 guaranteed main event on Sunday, April 14. The schedule also includes two new mystery bounty events, progressive bounty events, turbos, and deep stacks.

“Global Poker is working hard to make this the biggest online USPO yet; with the most games, the most players, and the biggest prizes, so that working together we can continue to set the industry benchmarks for online poker and livestream poker coverage,” said Lyons.

In total, there is SC 405,000 and GC 202,500,000 guaranteed during the series, and that doesn’t include everything Global Poker has done to sweeten the pot. The series actually kicks off on April 8 with opening SC 5,000 and GC 2,500,000 freerolls , and the site will also do it all over again by hosting mid-series freerolls on April 13.

Event champions will not only get USPO trophies, but also custom avatars, Global Poker merchandise, and a spot in the Tournament of Champions. There, the eight SC event winners will compete for a $5,000 prize package to fund a luxury trip to Las Vegas where they will be presented with a check at the PokerGO studio.

Additionally, anyone who plays in any online trophy event is eligible for the Players’ Semi Final. The top 180 players from the Semi Final will move on to the Players’ Final, where another $5,000 Las Vegas prize will be on the line.

There’s Always More At Global Poker

Of course, the USPO is just a tiny fraction of what Global Poker has to offer. The free-to-play, online social poker room has more than one million registered players and is dedicated to its loyal and growing community of players. Their mission is to bring a greater variety of games, a larger range of bigger prize pools, and more tournaments and championships.

Every day across the United States, Global Poker players enjoy reliable, fun, and rewarding online social poker. Not only is it entirely free to set up an account — and to play — you’ll also find poker rules and hand rankings, as well as poker strategy tips and helpful how-to guides to enhance your poker skills.

You can get more from your play by “unlocking The Vault” with Global Poker’s 30 percent ring game giveback promotion. The Vault, as it is known, is a feature that awards a bonus to ring-game players every time they play a qualifying hand.

There are no hoops to jump through. You don’t have to do anything to qualify other than play your favorite games. The site will automatically assign the accrued bonus to your personal online Vault during play.

While cash-game players are certainly appreciating The Vault, Global Poker hasn’t forgotten about tournament players and continues to offer some of the best online event series available, including The Eagle Cup, The GOAT, The Grizzly Games, and The Rattlesnake Open, among others.

Play Gold Coin poker games for fun or play Sweeps Coins games for a chance to win. There’s no better place to learn and play poker online. Global Poker is where poker champions are born, and you could be next. ♠


Date Time ET Tournament Buy-In
4/8/24 20:30 USPO Opening GC 2,500,000 Freeroll [Turbo]
4/8/24 20:30 USPO Opening SC 5,000 Freeroll [Turbo]
4/9/24 20:30 USPO GC 01 – GC 7,500,000 GTD [Turbo] GC 11000
4/9/24 20:30 USPO SC 01 – SC 15,000 GTD [Turbo] SC 11
4/10/24 20:30 USPO GC 02 – GC 15,000,000 GTD [Progressive Bounty] GC 33000
4/10/24 20:30 USPO SC 02 – SC 30,000 GTD [Progressive Bounty] SC 33
4/11/24 20:30 USPO GC 03 – GC 15,000,000 GTD [Mystery Bounty] GC 33000
4/11/24 20:30 USPO SC 03 – SC 30,000 GTD [Mystery Bounty] SC 33
4/12/24 20:30 USPO GC 04 – GC 15,000,000 GTD [Deep] GC 33000
4/12/24 20:30 USPO SC 04 – SC 30,000 GTD [Deep] SC 33
4/13/24 16:00 USPO Mid-series GC 2,500,000 Freeroll [Turbo]
4/13/24 16:00 USPO Mid-series SC 5,000 Freeroll [Turbo]
4/14/24 16:00 USPO GC 05 – Main Event – GC 50,000,000 GTD [Super Deep] GC 99000
4/14/24 16:00 USPO SC 05 – Main Event – SC 100,000 GTD [Super Deep] SC 99
4/15/24 20:30 USPO GC 06 – GC 25,000,000 GTD [Progressive Bounty] GC 99000
4/15/24 20:30 USPO SC 06 – SC 50,000 GTD [Progressive Bounty] SC 99
4/16/24 20:30 USPO GC 07 – GC 25,000,000 GTD [Mystery Bounty] GC 99000
4/16/24 20:30 USPO SC 07 – SC 50,000 GTD [Mystery Bounty] SC 99
4/17/24 20:30 USPO GC 08 – GC 50,000,000 GTD [1R1A] GC 99000
4/17/24 20:30 USPO SC 08 – SC 100,000 GTD [1R1A] SC 99
4/18/24 20:30 USPO GC Players’ Semi Final 1 [Turbo]
4/18/24 20:30 USPO SC Players’ Semi Final 1 [Turbo]
4/19/24 20:30 USPO GC Players’ Semi Final 2 [Turbo]
4/19/24 20:30 USPO SC Players’ Semi Final 2 [Turbo]
4/20/24 16:00 USPO GC Tournament of Champions [Deep]
4/20/24 16:00 USPO SC Tournament of Champions [Deep]
4/21/24 16:00 USPO GC Players’ Final
4/21/24 16:00 USPO SC Players’ Final