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This Week's Big Winner: Kristen Bicknell Scores Her Third Career WSOP Bracelet

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Sep 09, 2020


Kristen Bicknell is now just the fourth female player ever to win three World Series of Poker gold bracelets, joining the likes of Barbara Enright, Vanessa Selbst, and Nani Dollison as a three-time champion at the summer series. The Canadian poker pro outlasted a field of 892 entries to win the 2020 WSOP Online $2,500 six-max no-limit hold’em event, earning the hardware and the top prize of $356,412.

Bicknell won her first bracelet back in 2013 by taking down the $1,000 Ladies no-limit hold’em championship for $173,922. Three years later she won her first open-field bracelet for defeating a field of 2,158 entries in a $1,500 bounty no-limit hold’em event. That title run earned her $290,768. The former Supernova Elite grinder now has more than $5.4 million in recorded tournament earnings.

With a strong turnout, this event’s prize pool swelled to $2,118,500, with the top 116 finishers earning at least $6,022 for making the money. Among the big names to make deep runs were bracelet winner Danny Tang (21st – $11,697), two-time bracelet winner Norbert Szecsi (14th – $15,958), David Jackson ($21,771), and Chris Kruk (10th – $21,771).

Here are five key hands from the final table.

Tournament: 2020 WSOP Online Six-Max NLHE
Buy-In: $2,500
No. of Entries: 892
Prize Pool: $2,118,500
First Place Prize: $356,412

The Action

Bicknell was one of the shortest stacks at the final table, but found a good double up opportunity during seven-handed play. DeSouza raised to 160,000 from under-the-gun, and Finck called from middle position. Bicknell then shoved for 696,128, and DeSouza went into the tank before opting to move all in and isolate. Finck folded, and DeSouza showed pocket deuces. Bicknell was well ahead with pocket nines, and more than doubled up when the board rolled out safely.

The Action

Higgins moved all in from under-the-gun for his last 1,198,312 and Bicknell reshoved behind him to isolate for more. Higgins showed down pocket tens and was flipping for his tournament life against Bicknell’s AHeart Suit KHeart Suit, but the flop of ASpade Suit 9Club Suit 4Club Suit was a disaster for him. Not only had Bicknell flopped top pair, but her nut flush draw also killed one of Higgin’s two remaining outs. The turn and river fell 2Heart Suit JClub Suit, and Higgins was eliminated in fifth place, earning $102,887.

The Action

Bicknell raised to 264,000 on the button and Jiang three-bet shoved from the big blind for 2,193,233. Bicknell made the call with AHeart Suit JDiamond Suit, only to see she was dominated by Jiang’s AClub Suit KSpade Suit. Fortunately for her, the flop brought the JHeart Suit, which vaulted her into the lead. Jiang had three outs to catch up, but failed to get there, ending his tournament run in fourth place for $140,365.

The Action

DeSouza limped in from the small blind and Bicknel raised to 592,000. DeSouza called, and the flop fell 10Spade Suit 9Spade Suit 5Heart Suit. Bicknell continued with a bet of 416,000, and DeSouza called. The turn was the 7Heart Suit, and this time Bicknell checked. DeSouza bet 1,382,000, and Bicknell made the call. The river was the 3Heart Suit, and Bicknell checked once again. DeSouza moved in, and Bicknell called off the rest of her stack with pocket jacks. DeSouza could only show KSpade Suit 6Spade Suit for a busted flush and straight draw, giving Bicknell a 3:2 chip lead in the heads-up match.

The Action

Bicknell limped the button and DeSouza checked his option. The flop fell KHeart Suit 5Diamond Suit 2Club Suit and DeSouza checked. Bicknell bet 200,000, and DeSouza raised to 837,500. Bicknell called, and the turn was the 5Heart Suit. DeSouza led for 1,062,500, and Bicknell called. The river was the JSpade Suit, and DeSouza shoved for his last 3,575,632. Bicknell quickly called and showed QSpade Suit 5Club Suit for trips, while DeSouza only had KDiamond Suit 9Diamond Suit for top pair. DeSouza banked $261,249 for his runner-up showing, while Bicknell pocketed $356,412 and nabbed her third career bracelet.

Final Table Results

1. Kristen Bicknell — $356,412
2. Belarmino DeSouza — $261,249
3. Ilya Anatsky — $191,494
4. Dong Jiang — $140,365
5. Simon Higgins — $102,887
6. Jerome Finck — $75,416
7. Patrick Semrau — $55,280
8. Paul Barnes — $40,520
9. Nikita Kalinin — $29,701