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Post-Flop Play In Limit Deuce To Seven Dramaha

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Jan 01, 2020


As in all variants of Dramaha, the decisions we make before the flop are the most impactful to our bottom line. However, we must play well afterwards to retain this advantage. Let’s examine some key fundamentals regarding post-flop play: Continuation Betting The Flop When we have the “lead” we should continuation bet less often than we would in High Dramaha. In the high version the best draw hand is a big favorite to win that side and is often an equity favorite in Omaha as well. In 2-7 Dramaha there is not a great difference in the draw equities before the flop and the flop will often dramatically alter the situation in Omaha. For example, suppose we have 2-3-4-7 and hold a 58 percent low equity advantage over our opponent’s 9-8-6-3 before the flop. The flop is 9-8-5 rainbow and although it gives us a gutshot straight draw (not to ...

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