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Bluffing Loose Players

by Andrew Brokos |  Published: Feb 01, 2014


Conventional poker wisdom holds that there’s no sense in trying to bluff loose players. They won’t “understand” your bluff anyway, they won’t know that they are “supposed” to fold, and they will call down with all sorts of hopeless hands, so don’t even bother. Just wait for big hands and then value bet them to shreds. As generic advice goes, this isn’t so bad, but it is generic, and there are a lot of exceptions. In fact, there are some bluffs that actually succeed more often against overly loose, generally less skilled opponents. To bluff such players effectively, you just have to be realistic about your goals and form an appropriate plan, one derived from the way they think about poker rather than the way you think about it. Another common complaint about loose players is that “they can have anything.” There’s a sense in which that’s true: loose players ...

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