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by John Vorhaus |  Published: Nov 01, 2013


The worst thing you can do in poker is be weak. It kills you two ways: by yielding initiative and by leaving you open to attack. In certain games in certain circumstances, all you have to do is bet to win. Strong players understand this intuitively. The rest of us watch and wonder how those strongies got so rich. The answer is simple: They seized the initiative, where less strong and less secure players did not. I hear you complaining and I know your beef. You claim that every time you try to seize such initiative, you get run down by some with crap-playing holding melon farmer who doesn’t know enough to throw away his junk hand against your monster raise. Sorry about that — crap happens. But wouldn’t you rather be in a game where the melon farmers play crap? So when you’re there, play strong! This keeps the ...

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